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It’s getting quiet in here..

But this time not out of laziness! I’m simply not having the time to play so much anymore (and started to spend rather a lot of money on other stuff) so for the moment I cancelled my subscription to WoW and Wildstar. There is no point in spending close to 30 euro a month if I’m not even going to play much. Besides that, I’m starting to get my life back in order, have a second blog about other stuff as well, started to get into photography and (real life) crafts. So eventually the content of this blog might change a lot in the near future, and I’m probably going to stay less active – which isn’t exactly new either, so no problem! It’s not like I ever was very active here anyway…

Buuut that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on gaming! At least once the Warlords of Draenor add-on hits the servers in WoW I’m going to crawl back like a pathetic drug addict anyway, and until then I’m just going to play all those deserted games on Steam that I never even tried out after buying them on some stupidly cheap sale just for the sake of it.

Or play some other games on there that my friends think are great. Who knows, maybe it will be a lot of fun after all. Just nothing with a monthly subscription fee for the moment. :/

Hey, my stats are booming!

At least that’s what WordPress told me a few times over the past days – apparently the most viewed count went up from 82 to 139 on the 19th, and generally the amount of people who visit my blog (and the amount of times they click on stuff) increased a good amount. Not too bad I guess, but now I’m almost sad that I didn’t get to take more and better pictures when we were at the gamescom, since so many people show interest for it.

But I guess I can only keep that in mind and do it better next year. Especially since I’m going to know my camera a whole lot better by then than I do now. At least for now we’re definitely planning to go again already. And if we’re really crazy and my gamer friend isn’t just joking but actually serious about going to Blizzcon.. Well, I can imagine that would interest a lot of people eventually. We’ll see! Maybe I should actually get serious about making a cosplay, too..

I actually went to Gamescom! *_*

A friend only came up with the idea like two or three weeks before it started, so it’s not like we were prepared or anything. The tickets had to be bought on eBay, and the way on the train was.. well, supposed to be long and boring. But since we had to get up at 2:00 in the morning to catch our train and I only got one hour of sleep before that (not my fault, I got woken up and couldn’t fall asleep again.. -_-) I pretty much spent the travel time being grumpy and awfully tired.

To top it all of we got stuck on a train that had to wait out some technical troubles, together with drunk football fans who were on the way to cologne as well. Not one of the nicest trips I’ve ever been on – an intoxicated group of chanting, bawling and shouting people waving flags around and blasting repetitive music occasionally don’t exactly fit into my idea of acceptable travel companions. And since they had the same destination, we kept bumping into them on train stations and in train compartments.

In the end we did survive, and looking back I’d say it was worth it. We saw some awesome cosplays, but I still couldn’t take many pictures – a lot of people in costumes somehow thought it was a good idea to hang around in the darker halls to pose and show off for everyone with a camera. Needless to say that didn’t work out so well. And the rest wanted to go around and have a look themselves of course, so there just weren’t many opportunities. In the better lit cosplay area we saw Eir Stegalkin and a Pool Party Ahri (at least that’s what I think who they are):


Besides the lack of good lighting in most places, taking pictures was also made harder by the loads of people who didn’t care or notice and kept walking right in front of the camera, and by a lot of constantly moving cosplayers too – I’m guessing they wanted to get some good poses for the cameras, but eventually ended up moving around constantly. Not to mention the photographers (the ones using small digital cameras or iPads and the likes included) who would simply walk in front of others without any courtesy to get a better view themselves.

We managed to see the cosplay contest of League of Legends, which mainly consisted of different versions of Janna, Nidalee, Annie, Katarina, Riven, Syndra, Leona and Jinx. Weirdly enough, most of the male cosplayers actually came as female characters as well – and there was a ‘female Tryndamere’ where I’m pretty damn sure it was actually an Arthas cosplay. With Frostmourne and all. But I guess there’s no need to make a new costume if you can simply recycle an old one..

After the show was over they started throwing some Teemo hats, Poros and Ziggs bombs in the crowd, but sadly I was far too way back in the crowd and had to protect my camera from thrown objects and all the jumping people, so I had no chance of trying to catch a Poro. Guess I’ll have to invest into some Poro Snacks for next year. 😦

But anyway! I can’t really say much about the other stuff since we didn’t have enough time by far to see everything, and we didn’t even get to check out the blizzard stuff at the Gamescom – kind of a shame, because Blizzcon is definitely too far away to visit – but for next year we’re already planning to visit again. And for more than one day this time!


I guess it was just too good to be true..

I am pretty smitten with the basic principle of the Team Builder in League of Legends, and it was on its way to be my favourite queue type. Everyone being able to pick the position they want and only play what they’re good at without having to compete others who try to go for the same place, always forcing someone to choose a role they aren’t good at? No flamers in champ select because of unpopular picks or competition for the same champion? Awesome!

Except that Riot kind of missed the point and came up with a plan to ruin it. I don’t know if they thought it wasn’t popular enough or what, but by trying to get people to play with the Team Builder queue and give them a reward for it they basically started to eviscerate the main purpose of it.

Alright, rewards are nice and everything, and I really like to have a support icon that I can put on display now if I feel like doing so. But now people are forced to play roles they aren’t as good at and that they wouldn’t choose normally, because well, there are icons to collect! Which basically means I can just as well play normal now, it doesn’t make a huge difference. People started flaming like everywhere (I know, I was a fool to hope that it wouldn’t, but you know, it was really nice) and no one is picking their strong roles anymore, just the ones they still need to collect icons with.

A friend told me the system can be cheated by selecting a different role than the picked champion provides and simply switching with a teammate who does the same – like picking jungle Jinx and switching with the adc Maokai – but it seems like not many are aware of that and rather play bad and toxic in the normal solo queue. Just great.

I really hope they’ll be done with this soon and only those who really want to will be playing with the team builder again. Flamers can crawl back into the holes they came from! 😦

Well, look what we have here!

Apparently this year the anniversary from WoW will be a bit bigger than usual – but no wonder, seems like it’s been ten years already… Kind of weird to think about, it sure as hell didn’t feel like ten years, but man, now I’m definitely starting to feel old.


Check link for the Blizzard post with some more details!


But anyway! At least it looks like some of the event stuff they’ll put up around the celebration date looks pretty cool, even the Tarrens Mill vs Southshore Background seems awesomely nostalgic for someone like me who doesn’t particularly like PvP much. But back in the old days.. I do remember me and my sister as healing undead priest and tauren druid having a feud with two nightelvish rogues.. I think they both were Nightelves? At least one of them was, I believe, but it’s really been ages. Cre and Podi, if you still exist somewhere somehow, in this dimension or another, I still remember you! And I sure hope I never forget everything, even though I’m not sure anymore whether I spelled the names right. ._.

Ahh, Battlegrounds used to be somewhat fun when there were still faces to remember, allies and foes alike, even without a fully premade group. The epic battles from the past are exactly that, in the past. No going back to that anymore now.. I miss you, old Alterac Valley. 😥

Another thing to look forward to might be the upgraded Molten Core, it surely has been a while since the corehounds were a threat at all. Though the nostalgia of 40 man lag raids is probably something I’m not exactly missing that much. I’m not even sure the computer I have now will be able to handle it so well..

But the one thing without any downsides is the Molten Corgi (except if it happens to have some particularly annoying animations or sounds, which I really hope it doesn’t ._.) that I’m hugely looking forward to.. I really have to be careful so I don’t miss it!

Either way, seems like the forecast for this years November predicts kind of hot weather, not to say.. fiery. 😀


As one of the first characters I made right after logging in to Wildstar for the first time to try out the character creation options – firstly made as Nareen, then immediately deleted and remade since I didn’t like the look of that name after creation – this little Aurin Spellslinger was my new start into the game.

The Aurin running animations are a little weird and need some time to get used to as well, but they’re still way better and much less stiff and awkward than the (female) Mechari ones are. Which means much better conditions to feel at home at Wildstar this time – especially when the character actually reaches a level where it’s possible to buy your own floating piece of land in the sky to build a home on.

Since I mainly wanted to try out Wildstar because of the housing it’s critical that it doesn’t disappoint, and so far it definitely doesn’t – it’s awesome! I’m basically only levelling Neyiri so I can upgrade the house to a bigger one soon, and get to use better FABkits (those make it possible to put up different areas on the housing skymap, like certain biomes of the open world, or resources like nodes or trees) as well as make more decoration items myself. Of course I also took architect as a profession, so I won’t have to spend as much money on things with the only purpose of looking cool, good or pretty! And it’s working out really well, I even get to make a little money on the side now and then by selling the crafted items on the auction house.

As soon as I reach a high level and actually have some spare money in my pockets I’m going to remodel my housing area, change the sky to a different setting (the aurora one looks pretty good specifically.. but there’s even an underwater option!) and get more cool items to display. Maybe I should actually build something of my own with walls and floors and other stuff instead of only putting premade things out there.. but I’ll see, that can wait a little longer.

For now I finally made it to level 25, which means I can use hoverboards – but I guess I’m going to keep the mounts for another post I’m writing later! 😀

Getting familiar with Wildstar

After not really playing that much during the free first month (kind of stupid, but I really didn’t feel like gaming so much x_x), I decided to buy another month of game time and give it a more serious try this time. And it’s a whole lot more fun! Might have something to do that I switched factions and characters, because being on the Dominion side just made me feel sick sometimes. Not really what I want from playing a game. ._.

The other reason probably is that I started off as a Mechari in the beginning, the race I was most interested in when looking at the available options for the first time and also why I chose that faction at first. Normally I’m never someone to choose the bad side because it’s just not my nature. Once again it proves that I don’t feel at home there.

The awesome thing about the  Mechari is their insect-like look that somewhat reminds me of the Qiraji in World of Warcraft – that’s also the reason why my Mechari got the name Zarivess (if other signs than letters were allowed in naming, she would have been Zari’vess). But the downside of this race is that I absolutely hate their feet and the way they move – their running animation looks somewhat derpy and comical. Since it’s really important for me to feel ‘in tune’ with a character, that kind of ruined the whole experience for me. So I let it slide and didn’t really get to know much of the game before the first month of game time expired.

For the new start, I decided to let Zarivess go.

She’s awesome and I love that green thing on her head, but something else was needed to keep me interested, and I decided to give the opposing faction a try – the Exiles.

So now I’m off to a great new start – new character, new race, new class. And I’m having a lot of fun already! 🙂

Riot, please!

Playing League of Legends hasn’t been that interesting to me lately – after all a match in Summoners Rift takes rather long, you can’t leave if something is up or you need a break, and it’s especially exhausting with 4 random people in your team. You never know how toxic at least one of them will behave, and more often than not that player is pretty bad as well.

The other point is that I would love to play ranked – but I only want to play my one favourite role. I’m just bad at anything other than support, not because I can’t do it, but because I tend to die for my teammates and help others more than getting kills myself. For that reason I started to specialize in being the support very early and just don’t have enough champions and the right runes to play the other roles properly, ot to mention barely any experience.

My biggest hope now is the introduction of the Team Builder queue in ranked as well, even though I’m not sure how they’d go about that with banning champions and all that stuff. But as it is I’m just too afraid of being shoved into a place I’m not comfortable playing in and being a burden to my teammates, so I end up not playing at all. Except an ARAM now and then, for the first win of the day bonus.

Not really exciting.. but in general there hasn’t been too much gaming on my part anyway.

Exciting new things are already getting started – I got Wildstar!

Yep, I felt like it was time to try out something new in the mmo world. WoW is somewhat old and, though still great and getting nice updates, still pretty much the same as it’s always been.

Guild Wars 2 is a ridiculously pretty game and I love the look and lore about it, but for some reason it never clicked properly with me. And the controls suck a whole lot, or maybe I’m too stupid to play it properly.. but good thing it’s free to play, or I don’t think I’d bother to log in there anymore.

And as much as I loved Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls universe in general, Elder Scrolls Online kind of seemed bad from the start when I tried it in beta, not sure why. But I never bothered paying for it afterwards, meh.

Either way! Even more reason to look into getting a new game eventually, and when I saw Wildstar being released I got thinking.. well, why the hell not?! It certainly looks different to those games I mentioned before, and it’s a completely different setting too, so even if it’s not WoW2, it should at least provide some nice change for once, right? And it’s supposed to have great housing..  I never played a game with really great housing, like, ever!

Though of course, the first great obstacle in getting started with a new online game is something everyone has to go through at some point.. the dreaded download! All I can say is that it took ages. No errors or bugs or anything, but it’s just so slooooow. Maybe it will get better when there aren’t as many people trying to do it at the same time, but yeah. Can’t say I got to see much of the world yet, since just getting the game on my computer already took most of yesterdays afternoon and evening!

The other reason why I didn’t get to see much of the world.. Well, I got stuck in the character creation for a good amount of time.  ._. The races are somewhat different from other stereotype fantasy stuff, some more and some less, but I was definitely entertained for a good while. There was a surprising amount of fun to be had already.


So now, lay eyes on my glorious creation, the evil Hamster with the terrifying name Todesknubbel! (Something like Deathknob I think.. Sounds way better in german. But still stupid. :P)


I don’t even know if I’m going to play him/it at all yet.. But it was worth making it just because it was hilarious. Don’t think I’ll delete him any time soon, even if it will just sit around on my account doing nothing at all.

But anyway, these weird-looking thingies are actually called Chua and apparently don’t have a gender. And they’re evil. Pretty much everything I know yet, and some stuff about the other races, factions and classes. Very little so far. The world has to wait, more power to the character creation screen! o_o


No, I’m not dead yet! o_o

Though I guess this blog was for a good while.. But stuff happened, Life’s been busy, work exhausting, a relationship ended – a faction and realm change and a completely new character, class and a raid group happened and so on, so I guess I can somewhat excuse the lack of productivity before myself. Oh, and I picked up some other creative things on the way, so it hasn’t been a completely lost cause for the past few months.

Anyway! I’m not even sure anyone is/was (still) reading anything on here, but I’m mainly doing this for myself and felt like I’ve been lacking something to put some thoughts down lately, so I figured I might as well start to write something again. Especially since I plan to play some more and maybe new games eventually that I didn’t play before.. Not only WoW. So I hope in the second half of 2014 gaming will be even more fun and exciting than the first, especially with Warlords of Draenor slowly getting in sight.. And some new stuff out there that I’d like to try. 🙂