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It’s getting quiet in here..

But this time not out of laziness! I’m simply not having the time to play so much anymore (and started to spend rather a lot of money on other stuff) so for the moment I cancelled my subscription to WoW and Wildstar. There is no point in spending close to 30 euro a month if I’m not even going to play much. Besides that, I’m starting to get my life back in order, have a second blog about other stuff as well, started to get into photography and (real life) crafts. So eventually the content of this blog might change a lot in the near future, and I’m probably going to stay less active – which isn’t exactly new either, so no problem! It’s not like I ever was very active here anyway…

Buuut that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on gaming! At least once the Warlords of Draenor add-on hits the servers in WoW I’m going to crawl back like a pathetic drug addict anyway, and until then I’m just going to play all those deserted games on Steam that I never even tried out after buying them on some stupidly cheap sale just for the sake of it.

Or play some other games on there that my friends think are great. Who knows, maybe it will be a lot of fun after all. Just nothing with a monthly subscription fee for the moment. :/

Oh Terraria

Sometimes this weird thing happens in life.. Everything is coming at once, way less time for doing fun things everyday, and then there’s a new game taking almost all leftover time away from the long-term favourites, so things shift around uneasily.

What happened to me is Terraria at the moment, which was rather unexpected – bought on steam when it was on sale for really cheap, simply to take a look at it because some online streamers seemed to mention it frequently (yeah, I can be influenced that easily. On the plus side, I don’t trust normal advertising!). I never played Minecraft either because it never seemed to have that much of an appeal…

And now I happen to log in every day, on the server of a friend that’s constantly online, to do some more digging and building instead of playing more World of Warcraft. Overall the time is only enough for doing a bit of daily crafting and quests now, which is neither exciting nor.. inspiring. So what happens with a blog that’s based on a certain game, but there’s just nothing happening on that front and so there’s not really anything to write about at the moment? It gets neglected. >_<

And that basically right after I wanted to get better with writing more in general. Great move. But what now? Going back to World of Warcraft full-time, or starting to post about other games instead? Things are to be considered..

Flying high!

And I don’t just mean the fact that I managed to push both of my mainly played characters to 90 by now and got them somewhat decently equipped to start with more serious things soon, but also quite literally:

Isn’t the Timeless Isle awesome? I think it is, especially for people like me who decided to change servers and start completely new right when it could get interesting with the last 90 hunter, so as the eternal slowpoke it’s great to have a faster way of getting good equip.

And then there’s just so much to do in general when hitting max level! All those new quests and dailies, the Black Prince, Proving Grounds, exploring everything on the Timeless Isle to get the shiny new gear and steamroll some heroic scenarios with guild members.. And of course picking a new character to level next!

I actually did want to play some League of Legends, Bioshock Infinite, Hitman, Skyrim and all those other games sitting there, waiting for me until I have some time to dive into them, but then I never get to it. Too bad that WoW just never ends.. at least not for a good amount of time yet, until things get a bit boring again until the next expansion. If it gets as good as Mists of Pandaria (and in my opinion it’s the best Add On they ever made) I’ll definitely spend money and a big amount of time with it again.

Guess I’ll only ever really stop playing when they finally shut the servers down.. though then they’ll keep that one realm still going, so all the old people have something to play because they knew it from their youth and don’t forget all about it when they try to learn new stuff that’s too confusing anyway. So in the end I might never quit after all.. 😛