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My newest Character in this world

Yes.. I finally gave in and made a new Hunter. It’s not like my Mage is 87 now and could reach 90 in a rather short amount of time if I really levelled her properly.. But oh well. This game is not a chore, right? So if I feel like making another Hunter, then I will make another Hunter!

I have to admit, after playing Mage for so long and not being completely happy with the Human Hunter I originally made on Argent Dawn (the animations of female humans are too stiff >_<) I was thinking about making another Night Elf again for a while, and now that I finally did it proves to be a good decision already – in more than one way. After all my very first character I ever made in World of Warcraft had that race and class combination before, so it has a rather nostalgic feeling to it. That was so long ago. ._.

Going back to these roots now feels like pulling out the old favourite clothes from the wardrobe, taking off shoes after wearing them for too long, using the playground at night as an adult – just this familiar feeling of fun and easiness, of old happiness. It came somewhat as a surprise and I wasn’t prepared for the strong feeling of being comfortable and at home, but now it’s there and it’s pretty certain that this character will see some higher levels soon.

So this is my newest goal now, finish getting my Mage to 90 and pulling the Hunter up as well (the latter is probably going to happen first, though ._.) before the next patch! I’m not that optimistic and have no clue if I can do it at all, but there’s only one way to find out. After all there is still a bit of time and Hunter is a class that’s very easy to level, especially since I had so many already and it’s no trouble to do group stuff alone.

This kind of ruins the original plan of getting Teribeth to level 90 quickly and then start to farm reputation for all those factions of Pandaria to get all those rewards and the mounts left to collect for me. Saying that it’s not a race at all wouldn’t be completely true, since I would have wanted to do that before the patch to get started on some of the new content that’s going to be added. But then again, it’s not like I was ever great in keeping up with the actual content, even less in finishing raids and achievements related to them when they’re up to date, so it’s not exactly going to hurt my play style.

Seems like that will keep to be my fate – forever a slowpoke! But at least I’m having a lot of fun with it still, after all this time. Even though I have to say the elvish starting areas were rather confusing, they kept a lot of the old storylines but still changed some points around it, which ended up with me going to the wrong places too soon and having to go back to finish a quest, and other problems with the orientation. I ended up climbing the big tree in Shadowglen before I was supposed to, and then there’s this thing with the Ban’ethil Barrow Den – I keep making the mistake of going back to the big ‘crossroads’ room to find the body of Oben Rageclaw for the quest Druid of the Claw, forgetting that they actually put him in a room right next to his ghost (and the quest giver) now. Seems like old knowledge doesn’t die easily, even though it’s completely wrong and out of date.. Not sure if that is actually a good or a bad thing. ._.

Anyway! I guess those were enough meaningless words thrown together, maybe I’m just getting a bit too worked up over this whole thing. But I’m looking forward to see how it works out in the end and how I’m going to choose to spend more of my time after all.. the future will tell!

Also I really like my new weird name. Teiranae.


We were frozen in time, the passing of seasons, years, decades, centuries… meaningless. Aeons withered, leaving us untouched. Immortality was comfortable for us as individuals, but was it good and healthy for us as a whole? I’m not so sure. When time has lost its tooth, it’s passing unaffecting and insignificant, you’re free to do whatever you wish for. Eternity is laid out in front of you – and yet there is never enough of it to fulfill all you wish for.

The world is changing all around us, but we always remained the same. While we should have seeked new paths and opportunities to improve as people, we worshipped our culture and old ways from the past, believing we know better than anyone else, discarding the mistakes that have been made by the oldest and wisest of us. Belittling the short lived races as children, unable to ever reach our level of knowledge and wisdom.

Maybe it is a good thing that this blessing and curse was taken away from us, so we can focus on what is important again instead of pursuing too many ways. The ice is melting, and life tastes so much sweeter when you know your time is limited – that you have to make count what is given to you, instead of hibernating in the convenience of agelessness.

Now the soothing luxury of eternity was taken away from us. We still have a long time ahead of us, more than any mortal could ask for, but now that the threat and promise of old age was given back to us, maybe we will learn to see what truly is important again.

Ishandar, Nightelf, now following the way of the Monk

Sometimes I want to be a witch

It’s nice to have a fitting themed outfit if you want to play something like a mage, slowly getting corrupted by the arcane powers, or simply a warlock (though no one really needs a reason for wanting to look good – Teribeth is neither of the two). But black is a highly overused stereotype for both the good and the bad guys, so why not go with some colour instead?

To be exact, mostly purple and some green for the Dark Sorcerer set:

Also the first one completely ready for transmogrification, since it’s covering all visible armor slots (besides the bracers – not really visible in this^^) and all are of at least green quality.

(On a side note – that picture was taken under the Raven Hill Cemetery in Duskwood; the monstrosities head still/already moves it’s eyes!)

Skywitch Hat: Everything started with this! It’s a reward from a quest in Terokkar Forest, and I kept it stored away because I knew I wanted to do something with it later, and for this it’s perfect. There are also lots of differently coloured versions of this item available for other themes.^^

Chillwind Tunic: Another item I got from a quest, this time in the Western Plaguelands. I loved it because of the unique look and the unusual colour combination, the gem in the middle reminded me of the Jeweled Onyx Panther, so I luckily decided to keep it as well.

Shadoweave Pants: Again the easy tailor fill-in, and it looks better than anything I could find on the auction house when I was looking. Sometimes the cheaper and easier solutions really are the better ones. 🙂

Shoulderwraps of the Enthralled: Surprise, another quest reward! Again from the Western Plaguelands, but this time it’s not as unique. I already had them and thought they fit very well with the overall look, especially with the cloak, but there are other, completely different shoulders that can replace these, like the Shadoweave Shoulders (my favourite alternative), Regal Mantle, Resplendent Epaulets or the Felcloth Shoulders.

Dusk-Stained Cloak: This one is obtainable rather early in the Blackfathom deeps, but for characters who already did the quest and chose a different reward it’s impossible to obtain. I guess the cloak can simply get left out or maybe replaced with another one that fits the outfit model and colour wise, but I’ll have to take a look into this first.

Elder’s Gloves & Elder’s Boots: Wowhead states that the Gloves aren’t available in the game anymore, but comments say the opposite – they can drop from Humanoids or other rare mobs in the level range of 25-33, but I simply bought them in the auction house for not that much money, and chose them for the same reason I mentioned in the post about the Battlemage outfit before.^^

Cilice of Suffering: The second quest reward from Terokkar Forest in this set, but the reason it fits so well is that it shares the same look with the Elder’s sash, and that works well with the gloves and boots obviously.

Whelp Keepers Staff: This one goes perfectly with the chest armor because of the gem, so I picked it for the set after looking through many other options, it was simply the best looking in my eyes. It’s from yet another quest, this time in the Burning Steppes, but shares the same model with lots of other staves (there are many versions in green) and can be replaced easily.

Since the cloak isn’t visible in the first screenshot, here’s another one from the back:

Basically all I have to say in the end is: keep your quest rewards! My bank and inventory are totally cluttered with different items because of this since there’s always a chance that it’s the only one of that kind I can ever get, but sometimes it’s just worth it. And of course that means it’s also harder for other people to copy your stuff, if they don’t want to start from the beginning with a completely new character and already did the quests but got rid of it later or chose something else in the first place it’s impossible unless there are exact look-alike items. 😀

Building up a guild: finding a name

It’s the first thing you need if you want to start a guild: a good name. And sometimes it’s the hardest to get, especially since a lot of names are already taken so late in the game. But it’s also the first thing other players see of your guild, and the best (or worst) advertising for it.

Often people want a certain name that has been used before, and instead of moving on and settling with a different one, they simply resolve the problem with replacing letters and using accents or a creative way of capitalization, like the one I saw yesterday: ‘the Nightwatch’ (I replaced the actual name – don’t want to point any fingers since I don’t know these people. Maybe they’re really nice^^). This way of getting around the naming barrier is always a bit sad, because it kind of says that they are not willing to put work and thoughts into the act of creating their guild. Showing such a lack of dedication so openly is always something that kept me from joining a guild, even if the members were actually great people.

My opinion is: even if you don’t come up with a creative or amazing name right away, it would be stupid to give up and settle for less. You want to create a guild, you’re going to put it under your name for everyone to see, and since it is you who is about to create it you’re hopefully going to stick with it for a long time. So why not take some time to look around in the world and find some inspiration? You could dedicate it to a place, a person or even an object with a good name and base your guild around that, or read the various books lying around everywhere to see if there are any interesting ideas hidden.

I encountered this problem when a friend of mine started to set up a guild for us as a project to work on together and asked me for help with finding a name for it, and I had no idea at all. A few days later I found a text in the library of Ironforge, telling about the Titans and their reforming of Azeroth, the end saying :

“As twilight fell on the final day of their labors, the Titans named the continent Kalimdor: ‘Land of eternal Starlight.'”

And that’s what we ended up naming our guild after – Eternal Starlight. Now we have a great name and even some background information that we can work into the background of our guild and use as a base for roleplay. That’s way better than ‘For the Hórde’, right?

Being pretty in the World of Warcraft

Pretty much everyone wants to look good, even if it’s only about the online presence, and so do the players of World of Warcraft – through transmogrification or even wearing armor sets for pure looks when it doesn’t go to fighting.

I am no exception to that, I always loved to collect interesting or nice looking items and armor even way before transmogrification was introduced, and now that I’m playing on a roleplay server it’s all the more reason to do so. That’s why I’m going to post parts of my favourite stuff from my characters wardrobes.^^

For now, it’s time to show off my Archivist set:


This one is very simple, for me it’s something to put on for a day in the library, for searching through the archives and rummaging between old dusty books or other stuff in dark and forgotten corners (that’s what the lighter is perfect for!^^). The kind of clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty, but doesn’t make you look like a house elf. 🙂

Neophyte’s Robe: you get this by creating a night elf priest and sending the starter chest armor to the character you want to have it on.

White Swashbuckler’s Shirt: every tailor can make one, so it’s easy to look for a crafter or to check the auction house (the latter is the most expensive in my experience, unless it’s a lucky day). It’s pretty much replacable with a shirt of any kind depending on preferences, for a more classy look a Formal White Shirt looks pretty good, or an Orange Martial Shirt fits the orange of the dress itself well in my opinion.

Silver-Thread Sash: This item is probably the hardest to get, I got lucky and found one while levelling with Teribeth, but sometimes I buy parts of the silver thread set from the auction house. It’s rather expensive, but I love the look. For saving money it can be replaced with everything that looks good, maybe something simpler or in a colour complimenting the dress.

Archivist’s Lighter: This is a wand I got as reward from a quest in duskwood, it’s a chain that starts with ‘The Legend of Stalvan‘.