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It’s getting quiet in here..

But this time not out of laziness! I’m simply not having the time to play so much anymore (and started to spend rather a lot of money on other stuff) so for the moment I cancelled my subscription to WoW and Wildstar. There is no point in spending close to 30 euro a month if I’m not even going to play much. Besides that, I’m starting to get my life back in order, have a second blog about other stuff as well, started to get into photography and (real life) crafts. So eventually the content of this blog might change a lot in the near future, and I’m probably going to stay less active – which isn’t exactly new either, so no problem! It’s not like I ever was very active here anyway…

Buuut that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on gaming! At least once the Warlords of Draenor add-on hits the servers in WoW I’m going to crawl back like a pathetic drug addict anyway, and until then I’m just going to play all those deserted games on Steam that I never even tried out after buying them on some stupidly cheap sale just for the sake of it.

Or play some other games on there that my friends think are great. Who knows, maybe it will be a lot of fun after all. Just nothing with a monthly subscription fee for the moment. :/