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As one of the first characters I made right after logging in to Wildstar for the first time to try out the character creation options – firstly made as Nareen, then immediately deleted and remade since I didn’t like the look of that name after creation – this little Aurin Spellslinger was my new start into the game.

The Aurin running animations are a little weird and need some time to get used to as well, but they’re still way better and much less stiff and awkward than the (female) Mechari ones are. Which means much better conditions to feel at home at Wildstar this time – especially when the character actually reaches a level where it’s possible to buy your own floating piece of land in the sky to build a home on.

Since I mainly wanted to try out Wildstar because of the housing it’s critical that it doesn’t disappoint, and so far it definitely doesn’t – it’s awesome! I’m basically only levelling Neyiri so I can upgrade the house to a bigger one soon, and get to use better FABkits (those make it possible to put up different areas on the housing skymap, like certain biomes of the open world, or resources like nodes or trees) as well as make more decoration items myself. Of course I also took architect as a profession, so I won’t have to spend as much money on things with the only purpose of looking cool, good or pretty! And it’s working out really well, I even get to make a little money on the side now and then by selling the crafted items on the auction house.

As soon as I reach a high level and actually have some spare money in my pockets I’m going to remodel my housing area, change the sky to a different setting (the aurora one looks pretty good specifically.. but there’s even an underwater option!) and get more cool items to display. Maybe I should actually build something of my own with walls and floors and other stuff instead of only putting premade things out there.. but I’ll see, that can wait a little longer.

For now I finally made it to level 25, which means I can use hoverboards – but I guess I’m going to keep the mounts for another post I’m writing later! πŸ˜€

Getting familiar with Wildstar

After not really playing that much during the free first month (kind of stupid, but I really didn’t feel like gaming so much x_x), I decided to buy another month of game time and give it a more serious try this time. And it’s a whole lot more fun! Might have something to do that I switched factions and characters, because being on the Dominion side just made me feel sick sometimes. Not really what I want from playing a game. ._.

The other reason probably is that I started off as a Mechari in the beginning, the race I was most interested in when looking at the available options for the first time and also why I chose that faction at first. Normally I’m never someone to choose the bad side because it’s just not my nature. Once again it proves that I don’t feel at home there.

The awesome thing about theΒ  Mechari is their insect-like look that somewhat reminds me of the Qiraji in World of Warcraft – that’s also the reason why my Mechari got the name Zarivess (if other signs than letters were allowed in naming, she would have been Zari’vess). But the downside of this race is that I absolutely hate their feet and the way they move – their running animation looks somewhat derpy and comical. Since it’s really important for me to feel ‘in tune’ with a character, that kind of ruined the whole experience for me. So I let it slide and didn’t really get to know much of the game before the first month of game time expired.

For the new start, I decided to let Zarivess go.

She’s awesome and I love that green thing on her head, but something else was needed to keep me interested, and I decided to give the opposing faction a try – the Exiles.

So now I’m off to a great new start – new character, new race, new class. And I’m having a lot of fun already! πŸ™‚

Sometimes, all you need is a good kick in the butt..

And I didn’t really get one, that’s why it took me so long to get posting again! To be fair, I wasn’t at home for quite a long time, and that feeling of being on vacation doesn’t really help with being productive. And then I was rather sick for a good while once I got back home, so it’s not like I was just lazy all the time.

But now I’m feeling way better already.. and keep pushing the work on a blog post to ‘tomorrow’.. and then again the next day.. and never get anything done at all. It really isn’t so easy, getting back into a routine with something that is fun, but still work of some kind, not the same as just playing or browsing around and not having to think at all.

Now I did find some motivation somehow.. and who would have thought? It was a kick in the butt – only that I wasn’t the one receiving it, I was the one giving it!

I feel sorry for the poor guy.. being depressed and wanting to die, and then a random person comes up and kicks him all the way home! For anyone who’s wondering, he is the objective of the quest Finding Yi-Mo from Mei Barrelbottom!

Now, getting back into something that isn’t super-rewarding in itself (and I’m not saying that writing isn’t like that for anyone at all – it’s just always a bit of a chore for me, even though I like to do it) really can be pretty hard. And it’s not like nothing happened in the meantime, there was a lot I could have made a post about in the meantime.

But then again, writing the first post in a blog after a whole lot of time feels weirdly a lot more like writing the first awkward post that started everything back then, and maybe that’s one of the reasons it’s getting harder and harder to get back into something. I guess eventually a lot of people aren’t the kind of animal that is having an easy time getting off it’s butt and start doing something, and I’m definitely one of them. That’s why routines and habits are so important!

The only solution apparently is to keep the lazy butt hovering over the comfy armchair, instead of slumping down in it to never get up for doing anything again (or at least for a long time). But anyway, hereby I made the first step for being more active again, so hopefully I’ll keep up with it from now on!

Maybe I should just start to kick people more often..

Too much Real Life lately x_x

Especially this past week.. Being sick isn’t good for writing or being creative, not at all. I got a nasty cold with a very sore throat.. It makes thoughts slow and heavy, and of course doesn’t help with the motivation at all. Which leads to other RL things I should have done this week being neglected too.. Because I’m actually going to travel and visit someone in the UK on sunday and should have prepared everything beforehand. And now I’ll have to do lots of stuff tomorrow..^^

Oh well, at least feeling weak and unmotivated overall had the effect that I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, and a good part of that playing World of Warcraft. I wanted to reach level 50 with the little Hunter before my account ran out and come back to levelling her once I’m back home (so I’d save some money while I’m busy anyway and had more of the month to play afterwards), but then I didn’t have much time to play at all today, so the subscription ended earlier while I only made it to 46 with her.

Though then again, the new patch will be released very soon, and if I didn’t play at all the whole 28 days I stayed away from home I will completely miss it.. so I will probably just wait for the first week while I’ll be the most busy and then renew my subscription. After all there will be access to a computer with internet that even has WoW on it already.. I guess I should make use of that while I have free time. >:D

Anyway! I did make some progress over the past few days:

Of course Teiranae is wearing the ugly levelling gear, but at least the cocktail crossbow from Dire Maul (I will have to put it together with a pretty dress at some point!^^) is kind of cute.. Too bad I didn’t really get to put a nice looking set together for her yet since I was focused on progress the whole time, but sooner or later that will come as well. And this time I don’t have to find everything in cloth either! Though that makes the whole process easier and more difficult at the same time..^^

And I found a name for the white cat companion that’s at my side since the beginning, that’s something I always struggle with, and chose a profession (though I guess I won’t include engineering into the RP at all.. Hunters have enough options open anyway, and it’s just a no go for a Night Elf).

But for now, my virtual friends will have a bit of vacation while I do the same.. πŸ™‚

Ilandris doesn’t seem to be happy about this kind of activity..^^

My newest Character in this world

Yes.. I finally gave in and made a new Hunter. It’s not like my Mage is 87 now and could reach 90 in a rather short amount of time if I really levelled her properly.. But oh well. This game is not a chore, right? So if I feel like making another Hunter, then I will make another Hunter!

I have to admit, after playing Mage for so long and not being completely happy with the Human Hunter I originally made on Argent Dawn (the animations of female humans are too stiff >_<) I was thinking about making another Night Elf again for a while, and now that I finally did it proves to be a good decision already – in more than one way. After all my very first character I ever made in World of Warcraft had that race and class combination before, so it has a rather nostalgic feeling to it. That was so long ago. ._.

Going back to these roots now feels like pulling out the old favourite clothes from the wardrobe, taking off shoes after wearing them for too long, using the playground at night as an adult – just this familiar feeling of fun and easiness, of old happiness. It came somewhat as a surprise and I wasn’t prepared for the strong feeling of being comfortable and at home, but now it’s there and it’s pretty certain that this character will see some higher levels soon.

So this is my newest goal now, finish getting my Mage to 90 and pulling the Hunter up as well (the latter is probably going to happen first, though ._.) before the next patch! I’m not that optimistic and have no clue if I can do it at all, but there’s only one way to find out. After all there is still a bit of time and Hunter is a class that’s very easy to level, especially since I had so many already and it’s no trouble to do group stuff alone.

This kind of ruins the original plan of getting Teribeth to level 90 quickly and then start to farm reputation for all those factions of Pandaria to get all those rewards and the mounts left to collect for me. Saying that it’s not a race at all wouldn’t be completely true, since I would have wanted to do that before the patch to get started on some of the new content that’s going to be added. But then again, it’s not like I was ever great in keeping up with the actual content, even less in finishing raids and achievements related to them when they’re up to date, so it’s not exactly going to hurt my play style.

Seems like that will keep to be my fate – forever a slowpoke! But at least I’m having a lot of fun with it still, after all this time. Even though I have to say the elvish starting areas were rather confusing, they kept a lot of the old storylines but still changed some points around it, which ended up with me going to the wrong places too soon and having to go back to finish a quest, and other problems with the orientation. I ended up climbing the big tree in Shadowglen before I was supposed to, and then there’s this thing with the Ban’ethil Barrow Den – I keep making the mistake of going back to the big ‘crossroads’ room to find the body of Oben Rageclaw for the quest Druid of the Claw, forgetting that they actually put him in a room right next to his ghost (and the quest giver) now. Seems like old knowledge doesn’t die easily, even though it’s completely wrong and out of date.. Not sure if that is actually a good or a bad thing. ._.

Anyway! I guess those were enough meaningless words thrown together, maybe I’m just getting a bit too worked up over this whole thing. But I’m looking forward to see how it works out in the end and how I’m going to choose to spend more of my time after all.. the future will tell!

Also I really like my new weird name. Teiranae.

Altoholism, Dungeonfinder and Derpitis

As mentioned before, I want to level characters. Lots of them. My current main is a mage and I struggle to bring her to max level at the moment, but then there are so many other classes that look interesting, and I want to try them out! I have a little monk I want to level because the idea behind them is great and the personality that forms around her in my head already has potential for good roleplay, a friend of mine said shamans are a lot of fun nowadays, and then I also want to have a hunter on level 90 because they’re my favourite class and are the easiest to do solo stuff with.

Well, the problem with the monk and the shaman is that they would be most interesting as healers for me, but then I already have a healing druid on level 50 currently that needs attention, and for the hunter.. The felt number of hunter characters I have levelled over the past years, well, it’s over 9000! And then there are the random groups of the dungeonfinder, of course.

Most of the time it’s rather relaxed, no one says a word and everyone wants to get it over with as quickly as possible, all that unneccessary human contact, dear lord! Who wants to see people longer than it’s really needed? The tank tanks, the healer (at the moment, me) heals and the damage people spazz around and eventually do some damage when they find it appropriate. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be, and would be good to level with. Sometimes I get those groups, sometimes (often *sigh*) not.

Slowpoke tanks I wouldn’t be surprised to see walking through the dungeon, casually strolling up to the next group, attacking and attracting the attention of exactly one mob, not even noticing that the rest of the group runs towards the healer, getting dangerously close to stomping their health bar into the ground. And the opposite of them, Hyperactive tanks on coffee and energy drinks, pulling at least half of the dungeon at once if not the whole, wondering why they died after a few seconds. “The last healer didn’t have any trouble!“, but saying it mostly in less clear english or not even any comprehensible language. A variation of this is the tank that pulls lots but doesn’t hold any of the mobs and shares the aggro generously with all party members.

Then there are the damage people, sometimes better than the tanks, mostly worse – if they simply don’t do any damage it’s already not that bad! I’m not even surprised anymore about the warrior who desperatly needs that dress or these lacey gloves, who would deny them to live out their softer and more feminine side? But then there are those who have nothing better to do than jump around in front of the group and to pull more mobs, not really hitting any of them but simply pulling them and leaving them for the healer to deal with and eventually the tank trying to catch all of them, running off to find some more new friends. Others love to kick around as much as they can, spreading the enemies as far as possible. Be it the druid’s Typhoon, the hunters glyphed Explosive Trap, or the unglyphed Thunderstorm of the Shaman, those are the only spells they need and try to use as often as possible, in any given situation!

Recently I encountered another one of these weird specimens: playing a cat druid and jumping on everything first, expecting me to waste my precious mana to keep them alive while also healing the other group members who get to be part of the fun, if they want to or not. Then rolling need on everything they could possibly need, leather, cloth, damage, heal, give it to me! That’s why I’m a druid! I need to be geared for all three specs for every given moment, therefore I need a new and full set of gear for all roles every two levels!

And, of course, as the always overflowing fountain of wisdom and knowledge, they need to tell other people how to play.

I mean, all right, if the healer has mana troubles anyway it would be unwise to use it up even more for attacking a mob. But nowadays the healing part mostly shuffles along with the group, never really falls under 90% mana and is probably close to biting their fingers off due to the boredom of easy dungeons, so it’s not really a crime to use a Moonfire and maybe even cast Wrath now and then. But behold, it is! The healer is down to 89% mana, now we’re all going to die! Blasphemy! Apocalypse! The person with the green cross button is casting something different than healing spells, it’s a crime. x_x

To keep it fair, there are also loads of fail healers around, not that noticeable in times where a Rejuvenation or Renew kept up on the tank is often enough to keep the group going, but they’re still there. Mostly the kind that is more afk than actually there, standing around somewhere and not doing anything, or following the rest steadily and still not doing anything. But since I’m the healing person in most dungeons I’m doing currently I don’t have to see that many derps in that role anymore.

Anyway, I’m done now with this lengthy rant disguised as a post. I’m convinced that there are more bad players who don’t care about their behaviour at all around due to the dungeonfinder, but there’s not really any way around it anymore for easy and fast levelling.. So if anyone has a funny or sad story to share, feel free to leave a comment. πŸ™‚


Right now I have one of these phases – wanting to log in, wanting to play, but not really finding any motivation to do anything. Should I get it together and finally level my main on the new server to 90? Should I create a new character with a class I always wanted to try but never really did, especially with the big changes made? A Monk or Shaman would be tempting! Or simply level some battle pets to level 25..Β  There’s so much to do, maybe too much since I can’t decide what and eventually just end up checking the auction house quickly and then logging off again, maybe to play another game. The Summer Steam Sale surely didn’t help with that..

But wait! There’s this profession that was somewhat annoying and exhausting when first introduced, but now after some changes it’s actually a lot of fun. Archaeology! At least it is for me, others might prefer to go fishing or something. Anyway.

Now, when I’m not really in the mood to do anything properly on WoW like questing or queueing for dungeons (the randoms are just too meh most of the time >_>) I take out my rough and dirty working clothes and go exploring:

And go to dig up some shiny crap. Sometimes it’s even shiny and useful, or at least fun! It also gives some good experience, so it’s a nice way to make a quiet and steady level or two every time there isn’t much motivation to actually do some serious levelling, without wasting too much on the way.

Β Β Β 

Some Findings are rather hard to move..

That’s what I’ve been doing in the past few days for a bit of levelling, looking for digsites here and there (the travelling around really is rather comfortable as a mage) and it got Teribeth from level 83 to almost 85 now without having to pay too much attention or putting effort into it. Plus the convenience of being able to watch a movie or go afk/do other things on the desktop every few minutes if I please to do so. πŸ˜€