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Living healthy doesn’t seem to be good for writing..

For some reason it seems like lack of sleep fuels my creativity, rather than good sleep. Last week I had some real trouble with the nights, couldn’t drift off easily and would wake up after three or five hours of sleep, unable to stay in bed because I would feel restless and be annoyed about it. In return I would think about things while lying awake, and eventually get up to write them down right away. The last post I wrote came from wondering about the personality and personal views of the night elf monk I created a while ago, and her words came to me almost too easily – it was after only a few hours of sleep, and I was dead tired.

Lack of sleep isn’t a healthy thing at all though, and it certainly doesn’t improve my mood or patience, so I made the effort of eating more healthy and trying to get back into better sleeping, and apparently it worked. I’m having normal times of rest again and can play games (World of Warcraft and other stuff, of course^^) or talk to people without the problem that my brain is feeling like a dry sponge.

But the downside of it.. it’s making it harder to come up with something interesting to write about. I catch myself thinking about just posting a screenshot again and not bother with any long text that requires effort, even though I only wanted to do that once a week and focus on better writing more, while my sleep deprived mind clings to more interesting things, knowing that it can’t escape so easily anyway.

Oh well, that’s why you people only get a crappy post today ._. I promise to get better with it and put more effort into the post for tomorrow again, but sometimes motivation just isn’t that easy to find. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has these kinds of troubles, sleep related or not.. 😛