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Are bright Colours in fashion?

Now, this is something I originally started to put together to fit for the Revilgaz’s Cutlass I got some time ago, since I really want to have a matching and good-looking Set to wear together with it. In the end it turned out that there was an even better choice for a weapon though, so I replaced it and failed in my original intention – but am still pretty happy with the results. Who doesn’t like nice surprises?

But anyway, this is my Noble Duelist Set!

I know, gnomes aren’t exactly the stereotypes of either a noble or a duelist, but this is what I got and it looks pretty good on her. The theme probably fits better on a human for roleplay uses, but since I just want to look good sometimes and don’t necessarily pick my outfits role appropriate only (sitting around in the Auction House or Mailbox area doesn’t exactly fit in with good roleplaying behaviour anyway, so why not look fabulous while doing so, at least?).

Goldweave Tunic: Same model as the Elegant Tunic that’s for a lot of money on the Auction House regularly, but can be obtained by doing an easy Quest on the Hellfire Peninsula (available for Alliance and Horde). One of my favourites in the cloth chest armor department, together with the differently coloured look-alikes!

Yellow Martial Shirt: I think I might be starting to repeat myself a lot here.. the Martial Shirts are simply awesome for adding another layer in a fitting colour and making everything look more complete.

Gnomish Casting Boots: These pretty unique boots match perfectly to the chest, but that’s no wonder since they’re apparently a part of the recoloured mageweave regalia, so not really a surprise here. Another Quest reward, this time in the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

Sutarn’s Ring: I’m not all too happy with this belt because the colour doesn’t match 100%, but so far I couldn’t find anything that fits perfectly, so since I had this one already I’m keeping it like this. Can be replaced with something like the Astralaan Belt for example, or with anything that fits the yellow tones better if found. Otherwise, the best bet to find it is probably once again the Auction House – at least that’s where I got it from.

Astralaan Gloves & Pants: Same as for the Battlemage Outfit before, the Astralaan Stuff is just great for completing Sets because black and white are easy to match to pretty much anything and look good on their own.

Aurora Mantle: I believe the Aurora items are fairly common because they look good and match a lot of different stuff, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get some of it through the AH for anyone who is willing to spill some gold, or even get some drop luck while levelling a new character up. That’s where I get a surprising amount of good looking low-level items! And somebody who doesn’t need them should be able to sell them for a good amount of money.. Anyway, these work well with he white of the Astralaan items and isn’t as huge and overwhelming as most shoulder armor looks on gnomes, eventually there are some other great fitting ones for other races.

Jeweler’s Amber Monocle: I found these monocles in the AH and fell in love with them, so of course there was no way around buying one! Especially awesome because the colour fits greatly, once again. 😀 The only big downside of it is that it’s not working for transmog, but there are good alternatives, like the Chief Architects Monocle or Cassandra’s Grace.

Electrocutioner Leg: The colour of this Sword matches really well with the overall look, that’s why I went to Gnomeregan a few times and dumped Revilgaz’s Cutlass in favour of it in the end. Both still work pretty well in general though. The leg is probably easier to get anyway, because there’s just a little drop luck needed, while the other one only is available for finishing various quests.

Alternative Weapons: For Transmogrification it’s likely that other weapon types are needed, so some different ones I found fitting are the Spiritchaser StaffSolstice Staff, or a Key to the Planes for Staves – as well as a Siphoning Dagger, Honed Stiletto, The Ziggler or Alcor’s Sunrazor together with an Arcane Star, Regal Star, Demon-Skull Orb, Dreamseeker Dandelion or an Inscribed Red Fan. Though for this one, the possibilities are pretty much endless, there are a lot of yellow coloured or fiery themed items that would match well. Even a Disciple’s Stein is yellow-ish.^^

And that’s about it! Nothing really special or rare, but it really does stand out for some reason when I’m idling around dealing with every day stuff in Azeroth. I’m not really sure why – maybe I’m completely wrong with the colours after all and everyone can clearly see that I’m an unfaishonable person! Oh, the Horror! D:

Either way, it’s an unusual look and not hard to obtain, and even though I’m not using it for roleplay purposes (so far), it surely did come in handy a while ago – at least I felt dressed properly while dealing with Stormwinds Royalty. 🙂

Making gold on a roleplay server

Everything could be nice – being a tailor and knowing that everyone wants to look good or needs special clothes to fill the role they want to play. It’s amazing how much they are willing to pay for everyday items that look different from the normal armor stuff, like the blue overalls or the Haliscan items, and it could be great for making some good money on the sidelines – if it wasn’t for the mass producers.

They create lots and lots of the same item and throw all of them at once on the auction house to get the big money, but of course they’re not the only ones, there are others! They do the same, produce the same items and sell them – for a bit lower than the one before. The first seller checks the prices, takes all of his items out and creates new auctions, a bit cheaper again. And this goes on and on until other people, like myself, don’t even bother putting their stuff on because the only way you’re actually making money from it is by mass producing and selling a lot of the same item for cheap.

I know it’s nicer for the people who actually want to buy the items in question, nice looking stuff for a price barely higher than what the material is worth? Hell yes! I can’t say I would complain about that when I’m shopping for some new clothes or other things in general, but for selling it just isn’t as much fun.

Switching to filling gaps instead of producing the best selling things all the time is my solution, looking for items no one else has in the auction house at the moment and selling one or two of it at the same time, until the mass producers jump on it and drop the prices again. Then changing to another one no one is focusing on at the moment. That means my prices are higher of course, but it’s not a ridiculous amount, especially since everyone has so much gold these days, and it provides for items no one could buy otherwise.

It’s not the way to the big money, but it’s more fun without having to spend the whole day in the same spot, checking prices all the time and recreating auctions as soon as someone tries to undercut mine – I only need a few minutes every day and it gives enough money to pay off my riding skills and eventually some left to put in the bank of my little guild, for everyone’s repairs and eventually another bank tab after a while.

Not the way to get rich, but I was never very ambitious anyway. 😀


Camping recipe vendors

Sometimes it’s really not easy to get all white recipes if you’re not willing to pay insane amounts of gold for them in the auction house, most of the time when you show up at a vendor it already has been bought for that very purpose – to resell it for lots of gold. The Felcloth Pants in Moonglade, the Admiral’s Hat in Stranglethorn and others are the ones for me as a tailor, but it counts for pretty much every limited item you can get from vendors. Someone will show up, eventually even camp the NPC for more, to make gold from the limitation.

Quite annoying, but what can we do about that? Nothing. The best thing to do is to park an inactive alt next to the vendor and check occasionally, preferably at times where most people are working or sleeping. Sooner or later it will be in stock! o_o

And once you get the desired item, you can buy even more – to resell them for gold..^^