Riot, please!

Playing League of Legends hasn’t been that interesting to me lately – after all a match in Summoners Rift takes rather long, you can’t leave if something is up or you need a break, and it’s especially exhausting with 4 random people in your team. You never know how toxic at least one of them will behave, and more often than not that player is pretty bad as well.

The other point is that I would love to play ranked – but I only want to play my one favourite role. I’m just bad at anything other than support, not because I can’t do it, but because I tend to die for my teammates and help others more than getting kills myself. For that reason I started to specialize in being the support very early and just don’t have enough champions and the right runes to play the other roles properly, ot to mention barely any experience.

My biggest hope now is the introduction of the Team Builder queue in ranked as well, even though I’m not sure how they’d go about that with banning champions and all that stuff. But as it is I’m just too afraid of being shoved into a place I’m not comfortable playing in and being a burden to my teammates, so I end up not playing at all. Except an ARAM now and then, for the first win of the day bonus.

Not really exciting.. but in general there hasn’t been too much gaming on my part anyway.

Exciting new things are already getting started – I got Wildstar!

Yep, I felt like it was time to try out something new in the mmo world. WoW is somewhat old and, though still great and getting nice updates, still pretty much the same as it’s always been.

Guild Wars 2 is a ridiculously pretty game and I love the look and lore about it, but for some reason it never clicked properly with me. And the controls suck a whole lot, or maybe I’m too stupid to play it properly.. but good thing it’s free to play, or I don’t think I’d bother to log in there anymore.

And as much as I loved Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls universe in general, Elder Scrolls Online kind of seemed bad from the start when I tried it in beta, not sure why. But I never bothered paying for it afterwards, meh.

Either way! Even more reason to look into getting a new game eventually, and when I saw Wildstar being released I got thinking.. well, why the hell not?! It certainly looks different to those games I mentioned before, and it’s a completely different setting too, so even if it’s not WoW2, it should at least provide some nice change for once, right? And it’s supposed to have great housing..  I never played a game with really great housing, like, ever!

Though of course, the first great obstacle in getting started with a new online game is something everyone has to go through at some point.. the dreaded download! All I can say is that it took ages. No errors or bugs or anything, but it’s just so slooooow. Maybe it will get better when there aren’t as many people trying to do it at the same time, but yeah. Can’t say I got to see much of the world yet, since just getting the game on my computer already took most of yesterdays afternoon and evening!

The other reason why I didn’t get to see much of the world.. Well, I got stuck in the character creation for a good amount of time.  ._. The races are somewhat different from other stereotype fantasy stuff, some more and some less, but I was definitely entertained for a good while. There was a surprising amount of fun to be had already.


So now, lay eyes on my glorious creation, the evil Hamster with the terrifying name Todesknubbel! (Something like Deathknob I think.. Sounds way better in german. But still stupid. :P)


I don’t even know if I’m going to play him/it at all yet.. But it was worth making it just because it was hilarious. Don’t think I’ll delete him any time soon, even if it will just sit around on my account doing nothing at all.

But anyway, these weird-looking thingies are actually called Chua and apparently don’t have a gender. And they’re evil. Pretty much everything I know yet, and some stuff about the other races, factions and classes. Very little so far. The world has to wait, more power to the character creation screen! o_o


No, I’m not dead yet! o_o

Though I guess this blog was for a good while.. But stuff happened, Life’s been busy, work exhausting, a relationship ended – a faction and realm change and a completely new character, class and a raid group happened and so on, so I guess I can somewhat excuse the lack of productivity before myself. Oh, and I picked up some other creative things on the way, so it hasn’t been a completely lost cause for the past few months.

Anyway! I’m not even sure anyone is/was (still) reading anything on here, but I’m mainly doing this for myself and felt like I’ve been lacking something to put some thoughts down lately, so I figured I might as well start to write something again. Especially since I plan to play some more and maybe new games eventually that I didn’t play before.. Not only WoW. So I hope in the second half of 2014 gaming will be even more fun and exciting than the first, especially with Warlords of Draenor slowly getting in sight.. And some new stuff out there that I’d like to try. 🙂

Screenshot Time: Pretty teeth..

A charming smile tells everything, right? That guy is surely not creepy or scary at all! So nice that I don’t even want to go near him.. but the quest says he’s friendly eventually. T_T

I got the Sky Golem, finally!

It takes ages to craft enough Jard’s Peculiar Energy Sources for getting the Sky Golem – especially for someone who is too lazy to go farm Ghost Iron sometimes, or simply forgets to log in and do the daily crafting on some days, so I could have gotten it a bit faster after all..  But now it is mine!

Taking screenshots of it isn’t so easy as well, considering that thing sways a whole lot while flying around. But at least the noise isn’t so bad, one of the things I always disliked about the flying machines I can make as an engineer – they’re simply too loud to be fun to use. But now I have a robot with an evil goblin face to ride on! I’m just hoping it won’t run away with my gold tonight..^^

The future of WoW is going to be awesome!

At least from what I’ve seen so far at BlizzCon for the plans of the new add-on, Warlords of Draenor: housing in form of a whole customized town, all these quality of life changes with account wide tabs for fun items or heirlooms, getting rid of certain stats (yeah, I wasn’t a fan of having hit AND expertise), item squish for getting more grounded numbers again, main stats on armor changing with specialization, seeing the past of Draenor before it’s destruction and the Iron Horde.. I don’t even know where to start, and I’m probably forgetting half of the news!

The most impressive thing that I’ve seen so far and am really excited about is the update of the character models:

(The picture belongs to Blizzard, obviously; here are also the new models of male orcs and gnomes available besides the dwarf so far!)

This is probably what everyone has been waiting for, finally not looking like a weird old curiosity that crawled out from a dusty attic somewhere as soon as you stand next to a pandaren or goblin. And they’re even doing a really good job of keeping it as close to the original design as possible, only enhancing the look and making it pretty badass without turning it into something different! I’m really looking forward to getting a peek at the female updates – the facial expressions of the gnome they showed at the event were the best.

My biggest hope is for female humans actually, their animations where always so stiff and uncomfortable that I could never play one, and for the dwarves to look better in general in the future. I might be able to actually play a paladin once the changes are live!

I don’t know how that is for other players, but I think I’m getting addicted all over again – but by now it was kind of obvious that I probably wouldn’t be able to get away from this game anyway, at all, ever..!^^

Screenshot Time: Elements

Not all of them sadly, because I missed taking some good screenshots from the other two parts of the chain when I was doing it the last time. But I thought these were still great! 🙂