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We were frozen in time, the passing of seasons, years, decades, centuries… meaningless. Aeons withered, leaving us untouched. Immortality was comfortable for us as individuals, but was it good and healthy for us as a whole? I’m not so sure. When time has lost its tooth, it’s passing unaffecting and insignificant, you’re free to do whatever you wish for. Eternity is laid out in front of you – and yet there is never enough of it to fulfill all you wish for.

The world is changing all around us, but we always remained the same. While we should have seeked new paths and opportunities to improve as people, we worshipped our culture and old ways from the past, believing we know better than anyone else, discarding the mistakes that have been made by the oldest and wisest of us. Belittling the short lived races as children, unable to ever reach our level of knowledge and wisdom.

Maybe it is a good thing that this blessing and curse was taken away from us, so we can focus on what is important again instead of pursuing too many ways. The ice is melting, and life tastes so much sweeter when you know your time is limited – that you have to make count what is given to you, instead of hibernating in the convenience of agelessness.

Now the soothing luxury of eternity was taken away from us. We still have a long time ahead of us, more than any mortal could ask for, but now that the threat and promise of old age was given back to us, maybe we will learn to see what truly is important again.

Ishandar, Nightelf, now following the way of the Monk