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I guess it was just too good to be true..

I am pretty smitten with the basic principle of the Team Builder in League of Legends, and it was on its way to be my favourite queue type. Everyone being able to pick the position they want and only play what they’re good at without having to compete others who try to go for the same place, always forcing someone to choose a role they aren’t good at? No flamers in champ select because of unpopular picks or competition for the same champion? Awesome!

Except that Riot kind of missed the point and came up with a plan to ruin it. I don’t know if they thought it wasn’t popular enough or what, but by trying to get people to play with the Team Builder queue and give them a reward for it they basically started to eviscerate the main purpose of it.

Alright, rewards are nice and everything, and I really like to have a support icon that I can put on display now if I feel like doing so. But now people are forced to play roles they aren’t as good at and that they wouldn’t choose normally, because well, there are icons to collect! Which basically means I can just as well play normal now, it doesn’t make a huge difference. People started flaming like everywhere (I know, I was a fool to hope that it wouldn’t, but you know, it was really nice) and no one is picking their strong roles anymore, just the ones they still need to collect icons with.

A friend told me the system can be cheated by selecting a different role than the picked champion provides and simply switching with a teammate who does the same – like picking jungle Jinx and switching with the adc Maokai – but it seems like not many are aware of that and rather play bad and toxic in the normal solo queue. Just great.

I really hope they’ll be done with this soon and only those who really want to will be playing with the team builder again. Flamers can crawl back into the holes they came from! 😦

Riot, please!

Playing League of Legends hasn’t been that interesting to me lately – after all a match in Summoners Rift takes rather long, you can’t leave if something is up or you need a break, and it’s especially exhausting with 4 random people in your team. You never know how toxic at least one of them will behave, and more often than not that player is pretty bad as well.

The other point is that I would love to play ranked – but I only want to play my one favourite role. I’m just bad at anything other than support, not because I can’t do it, but because I tend to die for my teammates and help others more than getting kills myself. For that reason I started to specialize in being the support very early and just don’t have enough champions and the right runes to play the other roles properly, ot to mention barely any experience.

My biggest hope now is the introduction of the Team Builder queue in ranked as well, even though I’m not sure how they’d go about that with banning champions and all that stuff. But as it is I’m just too afraid of being shoved into a place I’m not comfortable playing in and being a burden to my teammates, so I end up not playing at all. Except an ARAM now and then, for the first win of the day bonus.

Not really exciting.. but in general there hasn’t been too much gaming on my part anyway.