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Building up a guild: finding a name

It’s the first thing you need if you want to start a guild: a good name. And sometimes it’s the hardest to get, especially since a lot of names are already taken so late in the game. But it’s also the first thing other players see of your guild, and the best (or worst) advertising for it.

Often people want a certain name that has been used before, and instead of moving on and settling with a different one, they simply resolve the problem with replacing letters and using accents or a creative way of capitalization, like the one I saw yesterday: ‘the Nightwatch’ (I replaced the actual name – don’t want to point any fingers since I don’t know these people. Maybe they’re really nice^^). This way of getting around the naming barrier is always a bit sad, because it kind of says that they are not willing to put work and thoughts into the act of creating their guild. Showing such a lack of dedication so openly is always something that kept me from joining a guild, even if the members were actually great people.

My opinion is: even if you don’t come up with a creative or amazing name right away, it would be stupid to give up and settle for less. You want to create a guild, you’re going to put it under your name for everyone to see, and since it is you who is about to create it you’re hopefully going to stick with it for a long time. So why not take some time to look around in the world and find some inspiration? You could dedicate it to a place, a person or even an object with a good name and base your guild around that, or read the various books lying around everywhere to see if there are any interesting ideas hidden.

I encountered this problem when a friend of mine started to set up a guild for us as a project to work on together and asked me for help with finding a name for it, and I had no idea at all. A few days later I found a text in the library of Ironforge, telling about the Titans and their reforming of Azeroth, the end saying :

“As twilight fell on the final day of their labors, the Titans named the continent Kalimdor: ‘Land of eternal Starlight.'”

And that’s what we ended up naming our guild after – Eternal Starlight. Now we have a great name and even some background information that we can work into the background of our guild and use as a base for roleplay. That’s way better than ‘For the Hórde’, right?