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Are bright Colours in fashion?

Now, this is something I originally started to put together to fit for the Revilgaz’s Cutlass I got some time ago, since I really want to have a matching and good-looking Set to wear together with it. In the end it turned out that there was an even better choice for a weapon though, so I replaced it and failed in my original intention – but am still pretty happy with the results. Who doesn’t like nice surprises?

But anyway, this is my Noble Duelist Set!

I know, gnomes aren’t exactly the stereotypes of either a noble or a duelist, but this is what I got and it looks pretty good on her. The theme probably fits better on a human for roleplay uses, but since I just want to look good sometimes and don’t necessarily pick my outfits role appropriate only (sitting around in the Auction House or Mailbox area doesn’t exactly fit in with good roleplaying behaviour anyway, so why not look fabulous while doing so, at least?).

Goldweave Tunic: Same model as the Elegant Tunic that’s for a lot of money on the Auction House regularly, but can be obtained by doing an easy Quest on the Hellfire Peninsula (available for Alliance and Horde). One of my favourites in the cloth chest armor department, together with the differently coloured look-alikes!

Yellow Martial Shirt: I think I might be starting to repeat myself a lot here.. the Martial Shirts are simply awesome for adding another layer in a fitting colour and making everything look more complete.

Gnomish Casting Boots: These pretty unique boots match perfectly to the chest, but that’s no wonder since they’re apparently a part of the recoloured mageweave regalia, so not really a surprise here. Another Quest reward, this time in the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

Sutarn’s Ring: I’m not all too happy with this belt because the colour doesn’t match 100%, but so far I couldn’t find anything that fits perfectly, so since I had this one already I’m keeping it like this. Can be replaced with something like the Astralaan Belt for example, or with anything that fits the yellow tones better if found. Otherwise, the best bet to find it is probably once again the Auction House – at least that’s where I got it from.

Astralaan Gloves & Pants: Same as for the Battlemage Outfit before, the Astralaan Stuff is just great for completing Sets because black and white are easy to match to pretty much anything and look good on their own.

Aurora Mantle: I believe the Aurora items are fairly common because they look good and match a lot of different stuff, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get some of it through the AH for anyone who is willing to spill some gold, or even get some drop luck while levelling a new character up. That’s where I get a surprising amount of good looking low-level items! And somebody who doesn’t need them should be able to sell them for a good amount of money.. Anyway, these work well with he white of the Astralaan items and isn’t as huge and overwhelming as most shoulder armor looks on gnomes, eventually there are some other great fitting ones for other races.

Jeweler’s Amber Monocle: I found these monocles in the AH and fell in love with them, so of course there was no way around buying one! Especially awesome because the colour fits greatly, once again. 😀 The only big downside of it is that it’s not working for transmog, but there are good alternatives, like the Chief Architects Monocle or Cassandra’s Grace.

Electrocutioner Leg: The colour of this Sword matches really well with the overall look, that’s why I went to Gnomeregan a few times and dumped Revilgaz’s Cutlass in favour of it in the end. Both still work pretty well in general though. The leg is probably easier to get anyway, because there’s just a little drop luck needed, while the other one only is available for finishing various quests.

Alternative Weapons: For Transmogrification it’s likely that other weapon types are needed, so some different ones I found fitting are the Spiritchaser StaffSolstice Staff, or a Key to the Planes for Staves – as well as a Siphoning Dagger, Honed Stiletto, The Ziggler or Alcor’s Sunrazor together with an Arcane Star, Regal Star, Demon-Skull Orb, Dreamseeker Dandelion or an Inscribed Red Fan. Though for this one, the possibilities are pretty much endless, there are a lot of yellow coloured or fiery themed items that would match well. Even a Disciple’s Stein is yellow-ish.^^

And that’s about it! Nothing really special or rare, but it really does stand out for some reason when I’m idling around dealing with every day stuff in Azeroth. I’m not really sure why – maybe I’m completely wrong with the colours after all and everyone can clearly see that I’m an unfaishonable person! Oh, the Horror! D:

Either way, it’s an unusual look and not hard to obtain, and even though I’m not using it for roleplay purposes (so far), it surely did come in handy a while ago – at least I felt dressed properly while dealing with Stormwinds Royalty. 🙂

Archaeology again

Since I already made a post about my favourite levelling method for very lazy days (that’s also a good method for getting interesting or fun items), I thought I should as well make a post about what exactly I’m wearing in the pictures there, even though this one is probably not complicated to figure out. Anyway!

This is my Archaeologist Set:

Blue Overalls: The basic item of this look, pretty much useful for everything that’s more grounded and work related like a farmer, miner or fisherman, and I even read about someone going for the look of a plumber. Also rather easy to obtain, every tailor with a skill of at least 100 can learn the pattern that is sold in several places on both alliance and horde cities!

Yellow or Orange Martial Shirt: Simple and effective for completing the look and adding more colour, but can be easily replaced by any other kind of shirt. Examples are the different Martial Shirts (a blue one makes the Overalls look more covering), a Lumberjack Shirt for a more heavy work related look, a white shirt of any kind for less contrast and an overall simpler outfit, or something like the Pink Mageweave Shirt to add some fabulousness.

Crochet Hat: In my opinion, there has to be a hat! This one is rather easy to get because it’s a grey drop from various mobs in the level 40-50 range. The Hat can be also left out for showing the hairstyle, or replaced with a different hat of any shape and colour, especially if there’s one needed with a better quality for Transmogrification. If I feel like being colourful and have a shirt in a matching colour, I like to use the Crimson Felt Hat sometimes.

Archmage Gloves and Archmage Slippers: I like to use items from the same sets for the hands and feet if they match well, because it’s a good way to round up an outfit, like I already did with the Battlemage one. I simply chose these because they fit the hat well, for people who can wear leather there should be a whole lot of different possibilities to work with the chest armor.

Willow Belt: Just an item I had flying around in my inventory from earlier levels, I kept it and now used it because the colour matches the other brown and simple items.

Spider Frier: For exploring caves and other dark places, there needs to be some light – and a lantern is nowhere near as effective for fighting off spiders and other monstrous beasts (like moths or even bats!) that might lurk around in these locations! This item is a reward from a quest in the Western Plaguelands.

Thermotastic Egg Timer: Just in case of emergency or a blocked way… No one plans to use it, but if you need it it’s great to have one at hand! This one is another reward, this time from saving the robot chicken in Tanaris.

And I forgot to mention – the Brown Riding Goat is actually part of this set as well, at least I always took it as a given that one little Gnome couldn’t possibly carry all that stuff around she might need for investigating digsites, and then eventually taking any findings back home.

Though I doubt that even the Goat could move the bigger ones around, especially for the lack of hands.. maybe Teribeth should look into getting a Troll companion to carry the heavier things around. 😀

Also, since I’m done already and this really wasn’t that interesting, here’s a little extra: a fitting music video related to WoW, the profession and artifact-hunting, basically a little background song to Harrison Jones, the Archaeology Trainer in Stormwind.

Now have fun with collecting shiny crap – dressed accordingly of course! 😀

What to do with Revilgaz’s Cutlass..

Since I saw someone in Stormwind wearing this amazing shiny sword, I decided that I needed to have it, even though it’s not really of any use on my mage (but I’m pretty sure I’ll go through the effort to get it on other characters, too!).

After finding out what quests I had to do to get through the chain – apparently the two tasks “Sea Wolf” MacKinley has to give need to be finished so you can start with The Bloodsail Buccaneers from First Mate Crazz – I headed out to do the deed, and after a rather long while I finally put my hands on this new weapon that’s probably one of my favourites from now on.^^

Now I only need to find a good matching set that works well with it, which means either a Pirate or Stormwind Army Sailor themed one.. and I don’t want to simply go for the Buccaneer’s Look, which is nice enough and better than nothing, but I would like to have something more unusual and maybe complicated.

A good start could be the Admiral’s Hat or the First Mate Hat.. Hmmm.

Either way, for now I’m happy about finding and getting Revilgaz’s Cutlass, everything else will come on its own in time! 🙂

Sometimes I want to be a witch

It’s nice to have a fitting themed outfit if you want to play something like a mage, slowly getting corrupted by the arcane powers, or simply a warlock (though no one really needs a reason for wanting to look good – Teribeth is neither of the two). But black is a highly overused stereotype for both the good and the bad guys, so why not go with some colour instead?

To be exact, mostly purple and some green for the Dark Sorcerer set:

Also the first one completely ready for transmogrification, since it’s covering all visible armor slots (besides the bracers – not really visible in this^^) and all are of at least green quality.

(On a side note – that picture was taken under the Raven Hill Cemetery in Duskwood; the monstrosities head still/already moves it’s eyes!)

Skywitch Hat: Everything started with this! It’s a reward from a quest in Terokkar Forest, and I kept it stored away because I knew I wanted to do something with it later, and for this it’s perfect. There are also lots of differently coloured versions of this item available for other themes.^^

Chillwind Tunic: Another item I got from a quest, this time in the Western Plaguelands. I loved it because of the unique look and the unusual colour combination, the gem in the middle reminded me of the Jeweled Onyx Panther, so I luckily decided to keep it as well.

Shadoweave Pants: Again the easy tailor fill-in, and it looks better than anything I could find on the auction house when I was looking. Sometimes the cheaper and easier solutions really are the better ones. 🙂

Shoulderwraps of the Enthralled: Surprise, another quest reward! Again from the Western Plaguelands, but this time it’s not as unique. I already had them and thought they fit very well with the overall look, especially with the cloak, but there are other, completely different shoulders that can replace these, like the Shadoweave Shoulders (my favourite alternative), Regal Mantle, Resplendent Epaulets or the Felcloth Shoulders.

Dusk-Stained Cloak: This one is obtainable rather early in the Blackfathom deeps, but for characters who already did the quest and chose a different reward it’s impossible to obtain. I guess the cloak can simply get left out or maybe replaced with another one that fits the outfit model and colour wise, but I’ll have to take a look into this first.

Elder’s Gloves & Elder’s Boots: Wowhead states that the Gloves aren’t available in the game anymore, but comments say the opposite – they can drop from Humanoids or other rare mobs in the level range of 25-33, but I simply bought them in the auction house for not that much money, and chose them for the same reason I mentioned in the post about the Battlemage outfit before.^^

Cilice of Suffering: The second quest reward from Terokkar Forest in this set, but the reason it fits so well is that it shares the same look with the Elder’s sash, and that works well with the gloves and boots obviously.

Whelp Keepers Staff: This one goes perfectly with the chest armor because of the gem, so I picked it for the set after looking through many other options, it was simply the best looking in my eyes. It’s from yet another quest, this time in the Burning Steppes, but shares the same model with lots of other staves (there are many versions in green) and can be replaced easily.

Since the cloak isn’t visible in the first screenshot, here’s another one from the back:

Basically all I have to say in the end is: keep your quest rewards! My bank and inventory are totally cluttered with different items because of this since there’s always a chance that it’s the only one of that kind I can ever get, but sometimes it’s just worth it. And of course that means it’s also harder for other people to copy your stuff, if they don’t want to start from the beginning with a completely new character and already did the quests but got rid of it later or chose something else in the first place it’s impossible unless there are exact look-alike items. 😀

Beware of the fabulousness!

I had something else planned to show off for this time, but because the weather is way too hot at the moment and a friend told me about his vacation recently, I’ve been in something of a holiday mood. So I went shopping in the auction house, got some pretty clothes for higher temperatures and went out to find a nice place to cool off a bit.

Behold – the Fabulous Summer Outfit!

Nice for any kind of summer party, be it on the beach or elsewhere, and perfect for showing off in general.^^

Rhinestone Sunglasses: Do I need to say anything here? Flashy and sparkly, for everyone who feels like being bold and drawing attention. For that reason they’re not the easiest to get though, it either requires to find a jewelcrafter with the recipe that’s rather rare as far as I know, or find one in the auction house from someone who was lucky enough to have it drop from the Blingtron 4000 Gift Package (or try to get one this way yourself, but I surely didn’t want to wait that long). Costly, but unique and fun.^^

Elegant Robes: One of the most fancy dresses in the game in my opinion, along with the differently coloured ones of the same model, like the Mooncloth Robe. I like how the colour of the neck part matches with the frame of the glasses, so I picked this up for another high amount of gold on the auction house. Could have been way cheaper if I was patient, but I wanted it right now so I paid the price. Oh well, that’s what I earn my money for with tailoring!                                 I guess there are a lot of other nice robes this could work well with, like the Robes of Insight (again rather expensive; these would be even better for hot weather, but the really revealing stuff always looks a little awkward on gnomes).

Arachnidian Bracelets: No gloves for the summer, but to avoid having the arms completely naked I chose these because they accentuate the gems on the Elegant Robe nicely. For other versions of the robe the colour could be rather off though.^^

Knitted Sandals: The easiest and cheapest part to get by far since they can be bought in a lot of main cities of both factions, and a must have for lots of nice combinations with robes and dresses that don’t fit well with heavy boots or other kinds of footgear. There is also a green version of this item for transmogrification as reward from The Kurken’s Hide, the end of a quest chain on the Azuremyst Isle , but sadly for alliance only.

On this trip I also dipped in the pool at Gallywix Pleasure Palace, but I had no bathing suit, so no pictures! 😛

What to wear in a fight?

As a mage, I always wondered about this question – even if you only have to stand back and use your arcane powers, why would you want to wear a long dress with loose sleeves on a battlefield? I definitely prefer some pants for better movement and repositioning in case you have to hurry!

That’s why I made the Crimson Battlemage Set:

 – Cindercloth Vest: That is basically what I based this set around, I love the look of this vest, but I really don’t like the Cindercloth Pants, so I wanted to combine other armor pieces to get a nice overall look. A tailor has to learn the pattern to make this – I got lucky and found one in the auction house (it was expensive, but I paid it off with selling Cindercloth vests in return, and now I’m making a nice profit with it^^)

Elegant Circlet: A friend send me this for disentchanting, but I kept it for the nice looks and later combined it with the Cindercloth Vest. At some point I will try and get the rest of the Elegant set.. Maybe I should stalk the AH more often.

Crimson Silk Pantaloons: Just a pair of pants that fits well colour wise and is easy to obtain fom a tailor.

Orange Martial Shirt: I prefer having a shirt under the vest for a less ‘naked’ look, and the orange that shows around the shoulders works well with the rest of the outfit and makes for a better connection with the gloves. This is another item you can get from any tailor who bought the pattern in Darnassus or Thunderbluff.

Silver-Thread Amice: Yes, I simply like to use parts of this set for other combinations, it always looks simple and elegant and fits well to a lot of things! Again, the auction house is my friend – and if I happen to find any silver-thread pieces while questing I always keep them, no matter how many of these I already have. There’s always a new character..!

–  Astralaan Belt & Astralaan Boots: These fit well with the shoulders to make for a nice differently coloured accent next to the red and orange theme – mostly available through the AH or with some luck as a drop in outland. I guess all three black/white items can be easily replaced with other items of any fitting colour.^^

Embersilk Mitts: I added gloves only because it looks better for the image of a mage on the battlefield, if they’re left out the pretty pattern on the sleeves of the shirt can be shown off. Also can be replaced with the Hands of Darkness from a tailor, I simply bought these because they were cheap and I was too lazy to look for an alchemist to make the required Potions.

Healer’s Staff of the Forest: Well, I liked the look of this staff that I got from a quest in Terokkar (available for horde and alliance), but it can be replaced with pretty much anything as long as the colours don’t clash.^^

In my opinion this would also work well as a scarlet crusade outfit (at least partly) – as a caster/priest set or even for a scarlet monk.

Being pretty in the World of Warcraft

Pretty much everyone wants to look good, even if it’s only about the online presence, and so do the players of World of Warcraft – through transmogrification or even wearing armor sets for pure looks when it doesn’t go to fighting.

I am no exception to that, I always loved to collect interesting or nice looking items and armor even way before transmogrification was introduced, and now that I’m playing on a roleplay server it’s all the more reason to do so. That’s why I’m going to post parts of my favourite stuff from my characters wardrobes.^^

For now, it’s time to show off my Archivist set:


This one is very simple, for me it’s something to put on for a day in the library, for searching through the archives and rummaging between old dusty books or other stuff in dark and forgotten corners (that’s what the lighter is perfect for!^^). The kind of clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty, but doesn’t make you look like a house elf. 🙂

Neophyte’s Robe: you get this by creating a night elf priest and sending the starter chest armor to the character you want to have it on.

White Swashbuckler’s Shirt: every tailor can make one, so it’s easy to look for a crafter or to check the auction house (the latter is the most expensive in my experience, unless it’s a lucky day). It’s pretty much replacable with a shirt of any kind depending on preferences, for a more classy look a Formal White Shirt looks pretty good, or an Orange Martial Shirt fits the orange of the dress itself well in my opinion.

Silver-Thread Sash: This item is probably the hardest to get, I got lucky and found one while levelling with Teribeth, but sometimes I buy parts of the silver thread set from the auction house. It’s rather expensive, but I love the look. For saving money it can be replaced with everything that looks good, maybe something simpler or in a colour complimenting the dress.

Archivist’s Lighter: This is a wand I got as reward from a quest in duskwood, it’s a chain that starts with ‘The Legend of Stalvan‘.