Hmm, what is there to know about me?

I’m Radiatic, a WoW player since good old (and buggy as hell) classic times, and currently located on the german server Rexxar on Horde side. I joined a new raidgroup with a friend this year (2014) and am trying to equip my new char, a Warlock, and get the legendary cloak so I can finally keep up with the rest of the group and not feel like a failure anymore. šŸ˜‰

Besides that I’m still occasionally playing League of Legends,Ā  mostly ARAMS at the moment for the lack of time and dedication to ambitious goals, but when I play Summoners Rift I main Support and prefer that role over any other, though I could be a decent carry or mid player if I practiced a bit more, I guess.

Other games I still like to play occasionally are Fallout (New Vegas at the moment) Skyrim, Bioshock, Deadpool, Starbound.. Well, the list is long, most games I have in my steam library aren’t really getting much action lately, there’s just so little time! Growing up seriously sucks.Ā  ;_;

My secret illusionary dream is to make a living by streaming my favourite games and being an artist, but since I’m also somewhat a realist I doubt that kind of thing will ever happen, so I’ll have to deal with what I got. Still not too bad, I guess! šŸ™‚

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