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The Burdens of Shaohao: Following Pandaria’s History

Since I finally reached the newest continent that is no longer shrouded in mists, I’m following the quest lines there with my little mage in the Jade Forest (not that there’s really much choice^^) and in Dawn’s Blossom I found the scroll with the first part of the story “The Emperor’s Burden”. The content of the scroll says:

Ten thousand years ago, the day Shaohao was crowned Emperor of Pandaria, he followed the tradition of all the emperors before him and sought the counsel of the great Waterspeaker of the jinyu. With a light heart the young emperor stood before the prophet and awaited to hear what he presumed would be good news.

The Waterspeaker listened to the song of the great river, but his eyes widened with terror.
From the Book of Burdens, Chapter 1:
“And the Waterspeaker saw before him a kingdom of sorcerers surrounding a great well, and from this well they called forth a host of demons. Green fire rained from the skies, and all the world’s continents shattered.”

Terrified by the vision presented before him, Emperor Shaohao realized that he was not to live a life of luxury. From the humble town of Dawn’s Blossom, his journey to save Pandaria began.

It’s the same story that the small video series of ‘The Burdens of Shaohao’ is about, which is incredibly well done and just beautiful in my eyes. Personally I really like the art style, and even if not it’s still watch worthy because it’s an important part of the Pandaren’s past.

I know I’m behind and there are more parts of it out already, but I actually like to follow with it while I find the scrolls in the game itself and can read what is written on them. It feels more like properly researching their history and finding old scrolls telling about what happened a long time ago.^^


This is completely a coincidence!

I wasn’t actively looking for something like this, but was checking out the new World of Warcraft comics on the official website I didn’t see yet. And since I found it, I thought I might as well share it since it fits so well right now:

It’s adorable! And yes, I’m a fan of grumpy cat. This makes my new mount even better – a grumpy goat! 😀

Well, that was a nice surprise!^^

This ‘little’ fellow is a gift I got tonight:

I completely didn’t expect this!

The reason is that I always thought the Riding Goat was the mount that fit Teribeth the most, it fits a gnome with the more humorous but still cool look they gave it and just scales perfectly in size – other races look just completely out of place on the back of one of those poor goats. Plus the luggage and the bags behind the saddle make it a great addition for anyone who wants to play a character that likes to travel and explore.

Now, of course a goat can’t fly, so I had to move on and leave my trusty mount behind in order to make use of the flying ability, which always made me kind of sad, but it’s nothing I could have avoided. I do like the convenience after all!^^

So this week the Swift Windsteed went on sale, half off is a good deal I guess, so a precious person decided that it’s time to get me a better fitting mount for the little Explorer – and I don’t really know how to repay this. ._.

Of course it’s a present and there is nothing expected to be given back, but I would like to draw even at some point, especially since I really love this mount already, but I guess there will be an opportunity to do so in the future. I will simply have to keep my eyes open!^^

On a different note.. I guess I’m the only one that gets reminded a little of the forest spirit from Princess Mononoke by that face? I know it’s not even a close resemblance, but the red nose, the eyebrows, the ears.. and then it has horns, of course.

Oh well, maybe it’s just my weird brain trying to look for connections again.^^

Anyway! Since I couldn’t get enough of it and took a lot of different pictures already, here have an awesome one of the windesteed doing it’s cool space-bar animation (sadly only in areas where it’s impossible to fly/the flying skill wasn’t learned yet :():

It’s amazing! *_*

Living healthy doesn’t seem to be good for writing..

For some reason it seems like lack of sleep fuels my creativity, rather than good sleep. Last week I had some real trouble with the nights, couldn’t drift off easily and would wake up after three or five hours of sleep, unable to stay in bed because I would feel restless and be annoyed about it. In return I would think about things while lying awake, and eventually get up to write them down right away. The last post I wrote came from wondering about the personality and personal views of the night elf monk I created a while ago, and her words came to me almost too easily – it was after only a few hours of sleep, and I was dead tired.

Lack of sleep isn’t a healthy thing at all though, and it certainly doesn’t improve my mood or patience, so I made the effort of eating more healthy and trying to get back into better sleeping, and apparently it worked. I’m having normal times of rest again and can play games (World of Warcraft and other stuff, of course^^) or talk to people without the problem that my brain is feeling like a dry sponge.

But the downside of it.. it’s making it harder to come up with something interesting to write about. I catch myself thinking about just posting a screenshot again and not bother with any long text that requires effort, even though I only wanted to do that once a week and focus on better writing more, while my sleep deprived mind clings to more interesting things, knowing that it can’t escape so easily anyway.

Oh well, that’s why you people only get a crappy post today ._. I promise to get better with it and put more effort into the post for tomorrow again, but sometimes motivation just isn’t that easy to find. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has these kinds of troubles, sleep related or not.. 😛


We were frozen in time, the passing of seasons, years, decades, centuries… meaningless. Aeons withered, leaving us untouched. Immortality was comfortable for us as individuals, but was it good and healthy for us as a whole? I’m not so sure. When time has lost its tooth, it’s passing unaffecting and insignificant, you’re free to do whatever you wish for. Eternity is laid out in front of you – and yet there is never enough of it to fulfill all you wish for.

The world is changing all around us, but we always remained the same. While we should have seeked new paths and opportunities to improve as people, we worshipped our culture and old ways from the past, believing we know better than anyone else, discarding the mistakes that have been made by the oldest and wisest of us. Belittling the short lived races as children, unable to ever reach our level of knowledge and wisdom.

Maybe it is a good thing that this blessing and curse was taken away from us, so we can focus on what is important again instead of pursuing too many ways. The ice is melting, and life tastes so much sweeter when you know your time is limited – that you have to make count what is given to you, instead of hibernating in the convenience of agelessness.

Now the soothing luxury of eternity was taken away from us. We still have a long time ahead of us, more than any mortal could ask for, but now that the threat and promise of old age was given back to us, maybe we will learn to see what truly is important again.

Ishandar, Nightelf, now following the way of the Monk

What to do with Revilgaz’s Cutlass..

Since I saw someone in Stormwind wearing this amazing shiny sword, I decided that I needed to have it, even though it’s not really of any use on my mage (but I’m pretty sure I’ll go through the effort to get it on other characters, too!).

After finding out what quests I had to do to get through the chain – apparently the two tasks “Sea Wolf” MacKinley has to give need to be finished so you can start with The Bloodsail Buccaneers from First Mate Crazz – I headed out to do the deed, and after a rather long while I finally put my hands on this new weapon that’s probably one of my favourites from now on.^^

Now I only need to find a good matching set that works well with it, which means either a Pirate or Stormwind Army Sailor themed one.. and I don’t want to simply go for the Buccaneer’s Look, which is nice enough and better than nothing, but I would like to have something more unusual and maybe complicated.

A good start could be the Admiral’s Hat or the First Mate Hat.. Hmmm.

Either way, for now I’m happy about finding and getting Revilgaz’s Cutlass, everything else will come on its own in time! 🙂

Screenshot time: Confused Weather

This is just one of the little oddities in the game I came across long ago – apparently the entrances of the tunnels in the dwarven areas are always filled with sunshine (or is it something else?), even when it’s raining.

Just something the developers overlooked when adding weather effects, or are the beardy beer drinkers part of a bigger scheme? Maybe there were shady connections to Ragnaros after all.. 😀