Sometimes I want to be a witch

It’s nice to have a fitting themed outfit if you want to play something like a mage, slowly getting corrupted by the arcane powers, or simply a warlock (though no one really needs a reason for wanting to look good – Teribeth is neither of the two). But black is a highly overused stereotype for both the good and the bad guys, so why not go with some colour instead?

To be exact, mostly purple and some green for the Dark Sorcerer set:

Also the first one completely ready for transmogrification, since it’s covering all visible armor slots (besides the bracers – not really visible in this^^) and all are of at least green quality.

(On a side note – that picture was taken under the Raven Hill Cemetery in Duskwood; the monstrosities head still/already moves it’s eyes!)

Skywitch Hat: Everything started with this! It’s a reward from a quest in Terokkar Forest, and I kept it stored away because I knew I wanted to do something with it later, and for this it’s perfect. There are also lots of differently coloured versions of this item available for other themes.^^

Chillwind Tunic: Another item I got from a quest, this time in the Western Plaguelands. I loved it because of the unique look and the unusual colour combination, the gem in the middle reminded me of the Jeweled Onyx Panther, so I luckily decided to keep it as well.

Shadoweave Pants: Again the easy tailor fill-in, and it looks better than anything I could find on the auction house when I was looking. Sometimes the cheaper and easier solutions really are the better ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

Shoulderwraps of the Enthralled: Surprise, another quest reward! Again from the Western Plaguelands, but this time it’s not as unique. I already had them and thought they fit very well with the overall look, especially with the cloak, but there are other, completely different shoulders that can replace these, like the Shadoweave Shoulders (my favourite alternative), Regal Mantle, Resplendent Epaulets or the Felcloth Shoulders.

Dusk-Stained Cloak: This one is obtainable rather early in the Blackfathom deeps, but for characters who already did the quest and chose a different reward it’s impossible to obtain. I guess the cloak can simply get left out or maybe replaced with another one that fits the outfit model and colour wise, but I’ll have to take a look into this first.

Elder’s Gloves & Elder’s Boots: Wowhead states that the Gloves aren’t available in the game anymore, but comments say the opposite – they can drop from Humanoids or other rare mobs in the level range of 25-33, but I simply bought them in the auction house for not that much money, and chose them for the same reason I mentioned in the post about the Battlemage outfit before.^^

Cilice of Suffering: The second quest reward from Terokkar Forest in this set, but the reason it fits so well is that it shares the same look with the Elder’s sash, and that works well with the gloves and boots obviously.

Whelp Keepers Staff: This one goes perfectly with the chest armor because of the gem, so I picked it for the set after looking through many other options, it was simply the best looking in my eyes. It’s from yet another quest, this time in the Burning Steppes, but shares the same model with lots of other stavesย (there are many versions in green) and can be replaced easily.

Since the cloak isn’t visible in the first screenshot, here’s another one from the back:

Basically all I have to say in the end is: keep your quest rewards! My bank and inventory are totally cluttered with different items because of this since there’s always a chance that it’s the only one of that kind I can ever get, but sometimes it’s just worth it. And of course that means it’s also harder for other people to copy your stuff, if they don’t want to start from the beginning with a completely new character and already did the quests but got rid of it later or chose something else in the first place it’s impossible unless there are exact look-alike items. ๐Ÿ˜€

2 responses to “Sometimes I want to be a witch

  • mentalleakage

    My bank is full, my void storage is full…and yet, I’m not really much of a transmogger. The outfit I have on my main was one I got in MoP and liked. I am just a pack rat who cannot part with those items I longed for and raided weekly, hoping for that ONE drop.

    Nice outfit, though. Purple is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • radiatic

      Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚
      And well, I’m mostly the same, I only use transmogrification on a character if I’m sure that I won’t change my gear so soon again. This kind of stuff is just something I carry around in my bag and put on when I’m idling around in a city most of the time, that’s why a lot of my other stuff isn’t fit for transmogrification.^^

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