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Making gold on a roleplay server

Everything could be nice – being a tailor and knowing that everyone wants to look good or needs special clothes to fill the role they want to play. It’s amazing how much they are willing to pay for everyday items that look different from the normal armor stuff, like the blue overalls or the Haliscan items, and it could be great for making some good money on the sidelines – if it wasn’t for the mass producers.

They create lots and lots of the same item and throw all of them at once on the auction house to get the big money, but of course they’re not the only ones, there are others! They do the same, produce the same items and sell them – for a bit lower than the one before. The first seller checks the prices, takes all of his items out and creates new auctions, a bit cheaper again. And this goes on and on until other people, like myself, don’t even bother putting their stuff on because the only way you’re actually making money from it is by mass producing and selling a lot of the same item for cheap.

I know it’s nicer for the people who actually want to buy the items in question, nice looking stuff for a price barely higher than what the material is worth? Hell yes! I can’t say I would complain about that when I’m shopping for some new clothes or other things in general, but for selling it just isn’t as much fun.

Switching to filling gaps instead of producing the best selling things all the time is my solution, looking for items no one else has in the auction house at the moment and selling one or two of it at the same time, until the mass producers jump on it and drop the prices again. Then changing to another one no one is focusing on at the moment. That means my prices are higher of course, but it’s not a ridiculous amount, especially since everyone has so much gold these days, and it provides for items no one could buy otherwise.

It’s not the way to the big money, but it’s more fun without having to spend the whole day in the same spot, checking prices all the time and recreating auctions as soon as someone tries to undercut mine – I only need a few minutes every day and it gives enough money to pay off my riding skills and eventually some left to put in the bank of my little guild, for everyone’s repairs and eventually another bank tab after a while.

Not the way to get rich, but I was never very ambitious anyway. 😀


Steam Summer Sale, what are you doing to me?! >_<

I really just want to focus on playing WoW right now, especially to look for more interesting things to write about and finish the ideas I already have, but dear lord, the summer getaway sale is distracting! I bought a ton of really cheap games already and am tempted by some more expensive ones, though the trading cards are even worse. I want them all, yet half of them need to be bought or traded for other cards. Even more money to spend or give up some of the badges for others..

Eventually I’ll be able to resist the temptation and actually focus on playing the games I already have instead of buying more and gathering badges for no reason. I’m fully aware that it’s useless and I don’t need any of that stuff, especially not for even more real life money.. but my seeker and gatherer self wants them. So much. ._.

I really have to admit that they’re creepily successful in making people wanting to spend money on their stuff.^^

What to wear in a fight?

As a mage, I always wondered about this question – even if you only have to stand back and use your arcane powers, why would you want to wear a long dress with loose sleeves on a battlefield? I definitely prefer some pants for better movement and repositioning in case you have to hurry!

That’s why I made the Crimson Battlemage Set:

 – Cindercloth Vest: That is basically what I based this set around, I love the look of this vest, but I really don’t like the Cindercloth Pants, so I wanted to combine other armor pieces to get a nice overall look. A tailor has to learn the pattern to make this – I got lucky and found one in the auction house (it was expensive, but I paid it off with selling Cindercloth vests in return, and now I’m making a nice profit with it^^)

Elegant Circlet: A friend send me this for disentchanting, but I kept it for the nice looks and later combined it with the Cindercloth Vest. At some point I will try and get the rest of the Elegant set.. Maybe I should stalk the AH more often.

Crimson Silk Pantaloons: Just a pair of pants that fits well colour wise and is easy to obtain fom a tailor.

Orange Martial Shirt: I prefer having a shirt under the vest for a less ‘naked’ look, and the orange that shows around the shoulders works well with the rest of the outfit and makes for a better connection with the gloves. This is another item you can get from any tailor who bought the pattern in Darnassus or Thunderbluff.

Silver-Thread Amice: Yes, I simply like to use parts of this set for other combinations, it always looks simple and elegant and fits well to a lot of things! Again, the auction house is my friend – and if I happen to find any silver-thread pieces while questing I always keep them, no matter how many of these I already have. There’s always a new character..!

–  Astralaan Belt & Astralaan Boots: These fit well with the shoulders to make for a nice differently coloured accent next to the red and orange theme – mostly available through the AH or with some luck as a drop in outland. I guess all three black/white items can be easily replaced with other items of any fitting colour.^^

Embersilk Mitts: I added gloves only because it looks better for the image of a mage on the battlefield, if they’re left out the pretty pattern on the sleeves of the shirt can be shown off. Also can be replaced with the Hands of Darkness from a tailor, I simply bought these because they were cheap and I was too lazy to look for an alchemist to make the required Potions.

Healer’s Staff of the Forest: Well, I liked the look of this staff that I got from a quest in Terokkar (available for horde and alliance), but it can be replaced with pretty much anything as long as the colours don’t clash.^^

In my opinion this would also work well as a scarlet crusade outfit (at least partly) – as a caster/priest set or even for a scarlet monk.

Sometimes you just need something good to say^^

In games like WoW it happens that I come across NPC’s who say beautiful or inspiring things, so since I don’t have much time today I thought it would be nice to share one of my recent favourites, a quote from Lamplighter Sunny on the Wandering Isle:

It is said, “Turn your face towards the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you.”

I hope you find many bright days ahead of you!

Building up a guild: finding a name

It’s the first thing you need if you want to start a guild: a good name. And sometimes it’s the hardest to get, especially since a lot of names are already taken so late in the game. But it’s also the first thing other players see of your guild, and the best (or worst) advertising for it.

Often people want a certain name that has been used before, and instead of moving on and settling with a different one, they simply resolve the problem with replacing letters and using accents or a creative way of capitalization, like the one I saw yesterday: ‘the Nightwatch’ (I replaced the actual name – don’t want to point any fingers since I don’t know these people. Maybe they’re really nice^^). This way of getting around the naming barrier is always a bit sad, because it kind of says that they are not willing to put work and thoughts into the act of creating their guild. Showing such a lack of dedication so openly is always something that kept me from joining a guild, even if the members were actually great people.

My opinion is: even if you don’t come up with a creative or amazing name right away, it would be stupid to give up and settle for less. You want to create a guild, you’re going to put it under your name for everyone to see, and since it is you who is about to create it you’re hopefully going to stick with it for a long time. So why not take some time to look around in the world and find some inspiration? You could dedicate it to a place, a person or even an object with a good name and base your guild around that, or read the various books lying around everywhere to see if there are any interesting ideas hidden.

I encountered this problem when a friend of mine started to set up a guild for us as a project to work on together and asked me for help with finding a name for it, and I had no idea at all. A few days later I found a text in the library of Ironforge, telling about the Titans and their reforming of Azeroth, the end saying :

“As twilight fell on the final day of their labors, the Titans named the continent Kalimdor: ‘Land of eternal Starlight.'”

And that’s what we ended up naming our guild after – Eternal Starlight. Now we have a great name and even some background information that we can work into the background of our guild and use as a base for roleplay. That’s way better than ‘For the Hórde’, right?

Camping recipe vendors

Sometimes it’s really not easy to get all white recipes if you’re not willing to pay insane amounts of gold for them in the auction house, most of the time when you show up at a vendor it already has been bought for that very purpose – to resell it for lots of gold. The Felcloth Pants in Moonglade, the Admiral’s Hat in Stranglethorn and others are the ones for me as a tailor, but it counts for pretty much every limited item you can get from vendors. Someone will show up, eventually even camp the NPC for more, to make gold from the limitation.

Quite annoying, but what can we do about that? Nothing. The best thing to do is to park an inactive alt next to the vendor and check occasionally, preferably at times where most people are working or sleeping. Sooner or later it will be in stock! o_o

And once you get the desired item, you can buy even more – to resell them for gold..^^

Dangerously fancy with the Darkmoon Top Hat

I guess I’m just being a slowpoke, but I have never noticed this before. When the hell were these amazing hats added?


Too bad that it’s only a buff and not an actual item, this would be perfect for any gnome or goblin gentleman who wants to impress the ladies! And for other slowpokes like me: Yes, it does shoot the fireworks. ._.