To all the people who wished for a hot summer..

I hope you are happy with it now that you got it. x_x

I mean, it’s not bad to go swimming once in a while, and I wanted to do that more regularly anyway. But it’s rather annoying if I HAVE to because otherwise I would die in this heat, and I don’t even want to think about cooking anything or eat any heavy food or maybe light a candle or moving around. About anything that would produce any rise in temperature at all, even moving in front of the computer is annoying.

Which makes it really rather hard to play anything. I sit here and barely scratch together the motivation to log in to World of Warcraft to check on my auctions, so it’s only natural I don’t get much levelling done, and I don’t even need to start thinking about exploring and finding new things or writing anything. I really wanted to keep up with it and make a post once a day or maybe every two days and on top of that reach Pandaria soon with my new main, but apparently the summer is messing with me. So I guess I’ll stop whining and go find some ice cream now.^^

Makes me wonder how other gamers deal with the summer weather, besides using a laptop while lying in a swimming pool. Man, that would be great right now. ._.

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