My thoughts on the new Cosmetic Gear

It’s not really possible to miss it,  that new shop gear is everywhere! There’s a big advertisement in the wow launcher and everyone is talking about it, on blogs, the internet, ingame and probably in real life too. I’m not sure how to feel about it since it might be a step towards adding more important and actually useful items to the game that can be only achieved by paying even more money, which isn’t exactly the direction I want this game to go for.

But on the other hand, as long as they keep it this way and don’t advance any further it isn’t even too bad, especially since the new shop gear doesn’t look that great. On top of that it’s way too expensive – when I see someone ingame with it, I don’t think ‘hmm, that looks kinda cool’ I think ‘damn, someone paid 15 dollars for that weird hat?‘, which probably isn’t what they were aiming for with these. But for real, if they made actually good looking gear for 2 dollars a piece I would seriously consider buying it if I had some good money left for that month, but 15? For one hat? No way!

Alright, maybe make it five dollar for something that actually looks amazing, but now we get to the point of why I’m not too keen on this new stuff:

Crown of Eternal Winter:

Hmm, it’s a nice crown, blue and icy, I would like to wear that on hot summer days. But what’s with the awkward skull image? Don’t get me wrong, each their own and everything and it’s not even a bad idea, but it would have made more sense to introduce something like this before everyone who’s really into the dark and cool undead vibe (I might be more negative towards this because I’m playing on a roleplay server *cough*) mained a deathknight anyway.. But I guess it’s nice for everyone who wants to play an alt without having to give up the cool aura around that kind of character.^^

Now to the next one, the Jewel of the Firelord:

  This headgear is the more unusual one than the other two I guess, there are horns in the game already, but for everyone who wants to look like a warlock or something without actually being one this seems to be the item of choice – except that it looks pretty weird.

If I think about it objectively, they’re probably made to look like proper horns, big and intimidating like the ones Red in Hellboy has or basically like any other demon with big horns. But all I see is a pair of huge and mutated flame druid eyebrows, it’s what my mind does with this one, so I can’t possibly take anyone who wears it seriously or even consider getting it myself, unless I want to look awkwardly hilarious. :/

And finally, on to the last one! The Hood of Hungering Darkness is my favourite of the three:

It has a nice dark red colour theme and I actually think there is normal gear in the game that it can be worn with eventually without looking completely out of place, and it’s cool without having as much of the forced badass touch the other two have. Though I do find it sad that the top part looks very similar to the Crown of Eternal Winter, doesn’t exactly look like there was put that much work into these items that would justify the high price they are sold for. The Hood would be an item I might consider buying at some point if it was actually a micro transaction price, but not with this halfassed try of opening up a big new source of income.

So in the end it comes down to: nice try, Blizzard (or Activision?), but not quite there yet. I’m pretty sure there will be a considerable amount of people who will buy these items and give them the money they want/need so badly, so as long as it keeps WoW running I don’t even mind so much. Those are nice additions for someone who wants to look different, and I always like the introduction of new item models.

Anyway, I stated above why it’s rather unlikely that I will ever buy one of these, but I have to admit that anyone who manages to build a good matching set around it could look pretty awesome. 🙂

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