Making gold on a roleplay server

Everything could be nice – being a tailor and knowing that everyone wants to look good or needs special clothes to fill the role they want to play. It’s amazing how much they are willing to pay for everyday items that look different from the normal armor stuff, like the blue overalls or the Haliscan items, and it could be great for making some good money on the sidelines – if it wasn’t for the mass producers.

They create lots and lots of the same item and throw all of them at once on the auction house to get the big money, but of course they’re not the only ones, there are others! They do the same, produce the same items and sell them – for a bit lower than the one before. The first seller checks the prices, takes all of his items out and creates new auctions, a bit cheaper again. And this goes on and on until other people, like myself, don’t even bother putting their stuff on because the only way you’re actually making money from it is by mass producing and selling a lot of the same item for cheap.

I know it’s nicer for the people who actually want to buy the items in question, nice looking stuff for a price barely higher than what the material is worth? Hell yes! I can’t say I would complain about that when I’m shopping for some new clothes or other things in general, but for selling it just isn’t as much fun.

Switching to filling gaps instead of producing the best selling things all the time is my solution, looking for items no one else has in the auction house at the moment and selling one or two of it at the same time, until the mass producers jump on it and drop the prices again. Then changing to another one no one is focusing on at the moment. That means my prices are higher of course, but it’s not a ridiculous amount, especially since everyone has so much gold these days, and it provides for items no one could buy otherwise.

It’s not the way to the big money, but it’s more fun without having to spend the whole day in the same spot, checking prices all the time and recreating auctions as soon as someone tries to undercut mine – I only need a few minutes every day and it gives enough money to pay off my riding skills and eventually some left to put in the bank of my little guild, for everyone’s repairs and eventually another bank tab after a while.

Not the way to get rich, but I was never very ambitious anyway. 😀


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