Being pretty in the World of Warcraft

Pretty much everyone wants to look good, even if it’s only about the online presence, and so do the players of World of Warcraft – through transmogrification or even wearing armor sets for pure looks when it doesn’t go to fighting.

I am no exception to that, I always loved to collect interesting or nice looking items and armor even way before transmogrification was introduced, and now that I’m playing on a roleplay server it’s all the more reason to do so. That’s why I’m going to post parts of my favourite stuff from my characters wardrobes.^^

For now, it’s time to show off my Archivist set:


This one is very simple, for me it’s something to put on for a day in the library, for searching through the archives and rummaging between old dusty books or other stuff in dark and forgotten corners (that’s what the lighter is perfect for!^^). The kind of clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty, but doesn’t make you look like a house elf. 🙂

Neophyte’s Robe: you get this by creating a night elf priest and sending the starter chest armor to the character you want to have it on.

White Swashbuckler’s Shirt: every tailor can make one, so it’s easy to look for a crafter or to check the auction house (the latter is the most expensive in my experience, unless it’s a lucky day). It’s pretty much replacable with a shirt of any kind depending on preferences, for a more classy look a Formal White Shirt looks pretty good, or an Orange Martial Shirt fits the orange of the dress itself well in my opinion.

Silver-Thread Sash: This item is probably the hardest to get, I got lucky and found one while levelling with Teribeth, but sometimes I buy parts of the silver thread set from the auction house. It’s rather expensive, but I love the look. For saving money it can be replaced with everything that looks good, maybe something simpler or in a colour complimenting the dress.

Archivist’s Lighter: This is a wand I got as reward from a quest in duskwood, it’s a chain that starts with ‘The Legend of Stalvan‘.

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