Getting started with blogging: What is this all about?

There are many reasons to start a blog, and I had wanted to do this for a while, but I never really had an idea or purpose. From all the books I read, all the games I played, all the different interests I had and dropped again, nothing ever seemed to be the right topic I would want to write about and stay interested in for a longer time. But wait! There’s this one game I would always come back to, always get interested again, and always got back into it and enjoyed it, even though it isn’t new anymore. And that for over 8 years now!

The only thing that never fails to get my attention again, even after so much time, is World of Warcraft! Sure, it gets boring sometimes and I do take breaks in between, but there’s always something new and exciting, or simply old and familiar to come back to. So why not make a blog about that?

For that purpose, you have to meet Teribeth:


She is basically what this all is about! I am rediscovering a ‘new’ old faction, playing a race and class I never played a lot in the past and am having a lot of fun in general, so this little mage made me more interested in the game again, so I’m pretty sure she will appear on this blog again, besides this brief introduction. 🙂

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