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Screenshot time: Journey through Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria is just so insanely pretty, I love to take pictures of all these colourful and interesting places! This one is from the Temple of the Jade Serpent in the Jade Forest, before the sky becomes clouded and dark because of the Sha’s presence.

If only the Horde and Alliance could have kept their war away from Pandaria.. That probably wouldn’t have been very interesting as an expansion, but I want to kick both Varian and Garrosh into certain places for doing that. And I’m fully aware that nothing of this actually exists in the real world.. but I surely wish it would. ._.


Right now I have one of these phases – wanting to log in, wanting to play, but not really finding any motivation to do anything. Should I get it together and finally level my main on the new server to 90? Should I create a new character with a class I always wanted to try but never really did, especially with the big changes made? A Monk or Shaman would be tempting! Or simply level some battle pets to level 25..  There’s so much to do, maybe too much since I can’t decide what and eventually just end up checking the auction house quickly and then logging off again, maybe to play another game. The Summer Steam Sale surely didn’t help with that..

But wait! There’s this profession that was somewhat annoying and exhausting when first introduced, but now after some changes it’s actually a lot of fun. Archaeology! At least it is for me, others might prefer to go fishing or something. Anyway.

Now, when I’m not really in the mood to do anything properly on WoW like questing or queueing for dungeons (the randoms are just too meh most of the time >_>) I take out my rough and dirty working clothes and go exploring:

And go to dig up some shiny crap. Sometimes it’s even shiny and useful, or at least fun! It also gives some good experience, so it’s a nice way to make a quiet and steady level or two every time there isn’t much motivation to actually do some serious levelling, without wasting too much on the way.


Some Findings are rather hard to move..

That’s what I’ve been doing in the past few days for a bit of levelling, looking for digsites here and there (the travelling around really is rather comfortable as a mage) and it got Teribeth from level 83 to almost 85 now without having to pay too much attention or putting effort into it. Plus the convenience of being able to watch a movie or go afk/do other things on the desktop every few minutes if I please to do so. 😀

To all the people who wished for a hot summer..

I hope you are happy with it now that you got it. x_x

I mean, it’s not bad to go swimming once in a while, and I wanted to do that more regularly anyway. But it’s rather annoying if I HAVE to because otherwise I would die in this heat, and I don’t even want to think about cooking anything or eat any heavy food or maybe light a candle or moving around. About anything that would produce any rise in temperature at all, even moving in front of the computer is annoying.

Which makes it really rather hard to play anything. I sit here and barely scratch together the motivation to log in to World of Warcraft to check on my auctions, so it’s only natural I don’t get much levelling done, and I don’t even need to start thinking about exploring and finding new things or writing anything. I really wanted to keep up with it and make a post once a day or maybe every two days and on top of that reach Pandaria soon with my new main, but apparently the summer is messing with me. So I guess I’ll stop whining and go find some ice cream now.^^

Makes me wonder how other gamers deal with the summer weather, besides using a laptop while lying in a swimming pool. Man, that would be great right now. ._.

Size scaling of items – Something is a bit off here with Thunderfury

Looking through some of my older screenshots, I found another one to show – here I am on my bloodelf hunter with my oldest WoW friend just after I finally got my Thunderfury as well, a while after helping him to get his legendary, so we compared the size..

I mean, alright, elves are significantly smaller and thinner than tauren so it’s natural, but even a gnome has a bigger sword than that, I’ve tried the same comparison! And while standing right next to each other, one looks like a big and intimidating weapon and the other like a sparkling toothpick in the meantime. I knew Blizzard never wanted female bloodelves as close ranged and weapon wielding fighters, this makes it obvious! 😀

I don’t really mind, I always hated the sound female bloodelves make when hitting something in close combat, but it’s a bit mortifying for the ‘Blessed Blade of the Windseeker’.. And probably any other sword that is meant to look like a dangerous weapon, or at least impressing.^^

Beware of the fabulousness!

I had something else planned to show off for this time, but because the weather is way too hot at the moment and a friend told me about his vacation recently, I’ve been in something of a holiday mood. So I went shopping in the auction house, got some pretty clothes for higher temperatures and went out to find a nice place to cool off a bit.

Behold – the Fabulous Summer Outfit!

Nice for any kind of summer party, be it on the beach or elsewhere, and perfect for showing off in general.^^

Rhinestone Sunglasses: Do I need to say anything here? Flashy and sparkly, for everyone who feels like being bold and drawing attention. For that reason they’re not the easiest to get though, it either requires to find a jewelcrafter with the recipe that’s rather rare as far as I know, or find one in the auction house from someone who was lucky enough to have it drop from the Blingtron 4000 Gift Package (or try to get one this way yourself, but I surely didn’t want to wait that long). Costly, but unique and fun.^^

Elegant Robes: One of the most fancy dresses in the game in my opinion, along with the differently coloured ones of the same model, like the Mooncloth Robe. I like how the colour of the neck part matches with the frame of the glasses, so I picked this up for another high amount of gold on the auction house. Could have been way cheaper if I was patient, but I wanted it right now so I paid the price. Oh well, that’s what I earn my money for with tailoring!                                 I guess there are a lot of other nice robes this could work well with, like the Robes of Insight (again rather expensive; these would be even better for hot weather, but the really revealing stuff always looks a little awkward on gnomes).

Arachnidian Bracelets: No gloves for the summer, but to avoid having the arms completely naked I chose these because they accentuate the gems on the Elegant Robe nicely. For other versions of the robe the colour could be rather off though.^^

Knitted Sandals: The easiest and cheapest part to get by far since they can be bought in a lot of main cities of both factions, and a must have for lots of nice combinations with robes and dresses that don’t fit well with heavy boots or other kinds of footgear. There is also a green version of this item for transmogrification as reward from The Kurken’s Hide, the end of a quest chain on the Azuremyst Isle , but sadly for alliance only.

On this trip I also dipped in the pool at Gallywix Pleasure Palace, but I had no bathing suit, so no pictures! 😛

My thoughts on the new Cosmetic Gear

It’s not really possible to miss it,  that new shop gear is everywhere! There’s a big advertisement in the wow launcher and everyone is talking about it, on blogs, the internet, ingame and probably in real life too. I’m not sure how to feel about it since it might be a step towards adding more important and actually useful items to the game that can be only achieved by paying even more money, which isn’t exactly the direction I want this game to go for.

But on the other hand, as long as they keep it this way and don’t advance any further it isn’t even too bad, especially since the new shop gear doesn’t look that great. On top of that it’s way too expensive – when I see someone ingame with it, I don’t think ‘hmm, that looks kinda cool’ I think ‘damn, someone paid 15 dollars for that weird hat?‘, which probably isn’t what they were aiming for with these. But for real, if they made actually good looking gear for 2 dollars a piece I would seriously consider buying it if I had some good money left for that month, but 15? For one hat? No way!

Alright, maybe make it five dollar for something that actually looks amazing, but now we get to the point of why I’m not too keen on this new stuff:

Crown of Eternal Winter:

Hmm, it’s a nice crown, blue and icy, I would like to wear that on hot summer days. But what’s with the awkward skull image? Don’t get me wrong, each their own and everything and it’s not even a bad idea, but it would have made more sense to introduce something like this before everyone who’s really into the dark and cool undead vibe (I might be more negative towards this because I’m playing on a roleplay server *cough*) mained a deathknight anyway.. But I guess it’s nice for everyone who wants to play an alt without having to give up the cool aura around that kind of character.^^

Now to the next one, the Jewel of the Firelord:

  This headgear is the more unusual one than the other two I guess, there are horns in the game already, but for everyone who wants to look like a warlock or something without actually being one this seems to be the item of choice – except that it looks pretty weird.

If I think about it objectively, they’re probably made to look like proper horns, big and intimidating like the ones Red in Hellboy has or basically like any other demon with big horns. But all I see is a pair of huge and mutated flame druid eyebrows, it’s what my mind does with this one, so I can’t possibly take anyone who wears it seriously or even consider getting it myself, unless I want to look awkwardly hilarious. :/

And finally, on to the last one! The Hood of Hungering Darkness is my favourite of the three:

It has a nice dark red colour theme and I actually think there is normal gear in the game that it can be worn with eventually without looking completely out of place, and it’s cool without having as much of the forced badass touch the other two have. Though I do find it sad that the top part looks very similar to the Crown of Eternal Winter, doesn’t exactly look like there was put that much work into these items that would justify the high price they are sold for. The Hood would be an item I might consider buying at some point if it was actually a micro transaction price, but not with this halfassed try of opening up a big new source of income.

So in the end it comes down to: nice try, Blizzard (or Activision?), but not quite there yet. I’m pretty sure there will be a considerable amount of people who will buy these items and give them the money they want/need so badly, so as long as it keeps WoW running I don’t even mind so much. Those are nice additions for someone who wants to look different, and I always like the introduction of new item models.

Anyway, I stated above why it’s rather unlikely that I will ever buy one of these, but I have to admit that anyone who manages to build a good matching set around it could look pretty awesome. 🙂

Favourite Screenshot time!

Over the years of active playing, a lot of these pictures tend to gather – most pretty meh, some kind of okay and a few really nice ones. Since I don’t really get to show them to anyone and mostly just look through them by myself to remember old times or to look at the beautiful landscapes WoW has to offer, I thought I could as well pick my favourites and show one now and then. 🙂

This is one of my oldest characters, the shadow priest Tirisha I played on a different server back then, and who I saw countless runs of Stratholme, Scholomance and Dire Maul with. I mostly healed as a shadow to these times, because there was no dual spec. Dear lord, that was so long ago already. ._.

Making gold on a roleplay server

Everything could be nice – being a tailor and knowing that everyone wants to look good or needs special clothes to fill the role they want to play. It’s amazing how much they are willing to pay for everyday items that look different from the normal armor stuff, like the blue overalls or the Haliscan items, and it could be great for making some good money on the sidelines – if it wasn’t for the mass producers.

They create lots and lots of the same item and throw all of them at once on the auction house to get the big money, but of course they’re not the only ones, there are others! They do the same, produce the same items and sell them – for a bit lower than the one before. The first seller checks the prices, takes all of his items out and creates new auctions, a bit cheaper again. And this goes on and on until other people, like myself, don’t even bother putting their stuff on because the only way you’re actually making money from it is by mass producing and selling a lot of the same item for cheap.

I know it’s nicer for the people who actually want to buy the items in question, nice looking stuff for a price barely higher than what the material is worth? Hell yes! I can’t say I would complain about that when I’m shopping for some new clothes or other things in general, but for selling it just isn’t as much fun.

Switching to filling gaps instead of producing the best selling things all the time is my solution, looking for items no one else has in the auction house at the moment and selling one or two of it at the same time, until the mass producers jump on it and drop the prices again. Then changing to another one no one is focusing on at the moment. That means my prices are higher of course, but it’s not a ridiculous amount, especially since everyone has so much gold these days, and it provides for items no one could buy otherwise.

It’s not the way to the big money, but it’s more fun without having to spend the whole day in the same spot, checking prices all the time and recreating auctions as soon as someone tries to undercut mine – I only need a few minutes every day and it gives enough money to pay off my riding skills and eventually some left to put in the bank of my little guild, for everyone’s repairs and eventually another bank tab after a while.

Not the way to get rich, but I was never very ambitious anyway. 😀


Steam Summer Sale, what are you doing to me?! >_<

I really just want to focus on playing WoW right now, especially to look for more interesting things to write about and finish the ideas I already have, but dear lord, the summer getaway sale is distracting! I bought a ton of really cheap games already and am tempted by some more expensive ones, though the trading cards are even worse. I want them all, yet half of them need to be bought or traded for other cards. Even more money to spend or give up some of the badges for others..

Eventually I’ll be able to resist the temptation and actually focus on playing the games I already have instead of buying more and gathering badges for no reason. I’m fully aware that it’s useless and I don’t need any of that stuff, especially not for even more real life money.. but my seeker and gatherer self wants them. So much. ._.

I really have to admit that they’re creepily successful in making people wanting to spend money on their stuff.^^

What to wear in a fight?

As a mage, I always wondered about this question – even if you only have to stand back and use your arcane powers, why would you want to wear a long dress with loose sleeves on a battlefield? I definitely prefer some pants for better movement and repositioning in case you have to hurry!

That’s why I made the Crimson Battlemage Set:

 – Cindercloth Vest: That is basically what I based this set around, I love the look of this vest, but I really don’t like the Cindercloth Pants, so I wanted to combine other armor pieces to get a nice overall look. A tailor has to learn the pattern to make this – I got lucky and found one in the auction house (it was expensive, but I paid it off with selling Cindercloth vests in return, and now I’m making a nice profit with it^^)

Elegant Circlet: A friend send me this for disentchanting, but I kept it for the nice looks and later combined it with the Cindercloth Vest. At some point I will try and get the rest of the Elegant set.. Maybe I should stalk the AH more often.

Crimson Silk Pantaloons: Just a pair of pants that fits well colour wise and is easy to obtain fom a tailor.

Orange Martial Shirt: I prefer having a shirt under the vest for a less ‘naked’ look, and the orange that shows around the shoulders works well with the rest of the outfit and makes for a better connection with the gloves. This is another item you can get from any tailor who bought the pattern in Darnassus or Thunderbluff.

Silver-Thread Amice: Yes, I simply like to use parts of this set for other combinations, it always looks simple and elegant and fits well to a lot of things! Again, the auction house is my friend – and if I happen to find any silver-thread pieces while questing I always keep them, no matter how many of these I already have. There’s always a new character..!

–  Astralaan Belt & Astralaan Boots: These fit well with the shoulders to make for a nice differently coloured accent next to the red and orange theme – mostly available through the AH or with some luck as a drop in outland. I guess all three black/white items can be easily replaced with other items of any fitting colour.^^

Embersilk Mitts: I added gloves only because it looks better for the image of a mage on the battlefield, if they’re left out the pretty pattern on the sleeves of the shirt can be shown off. Also can be replaced with the Hands of Darkness from a tailor, I simply bought these because they were cheap and I was too lazy to look for an alchemist to make the required Potions.

Healer’s Staff of the Forest: Well, I liked the look of this staff that I got from a quest in Terokkar (available for horde and alliance), but it can be replaced with pretty much anything as long as the colours don’t clash.^^

In my opinion this would also work well as a scarlet crusade outfit (at least partly) – as a caster/priest set or even for a scarlet monk.